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Twitter Permanently Blocks Rep. Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Account for COVID Misinformation

Twitter on Sunday announced that they have permanently blocked the personal account of the Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene from the microblogging platform, the strike against the congresswoman came after her continued tweets relating to misinformation about the COVID-19 virus and vaccination.
The micro-blogging and social media platform had previously launched the new AI system to track and regulate the tweets spreading misinformation around the COVID vaccination and Coronavirus in March or 2021.
The system gives 3 ‘strikes’ to users before permanently disabling the Twitter account of the individual. Strikes here refers to the count of misinformation that the AI is able to read, on the 2nd and 3rd strikes user’s accounts are disabled for some time mostly for 12 hours, and on the 4th strike it is completely banned.
Greene had recently posted a thread of tweets on the platform, many of which contained misinformation about COVID vaccination. Twitter had previously temporarily blocked Green’s account for similar posts.
Greene now has become the first representative in congress to have their personal account permanently blocked.
Marjorie Taylor Greene is no new to controversies, she has a history of making controversial statements, previously she had even compared the vaccine rollouts in the United States with the Holocaust, and the Democratic Representatives with the Nazis, for which she later apologized.
Her account was also temporarily blocked by Twitter following her controversial statements after Joe Biden’s presidential win in the 2020 U.S Presidential Elections.
Marjorie Taylor Greene had also promoted white supremacists, and anticlimactic conspiracy theories in the past, she is also a conspiracy theorist.
After her getting banned from Twitter, Greene took to the social media platform Telegram to express her disappointment and lashed out on Twitter, even calling the social media platform “Enemy of America”.
Marjorie Taylor Greene started her political career in 2016, she got interested in the politics during 2016 Presidential Election Primaries engaging with the Republican Party, she contested from the 14th Georgia district in the 2019 elections, after moving from 6th and 7th Georgia district, throughout her run in Georgia’s congressional district elections, former President Donald Trump kept his vocal support towards, even calling her a “Future Republican Star”.
However, her official Twitter account as congresswoman @Rep,MTG is still active and has about 390, thousand followers, about a hundred thousand less than her personal account.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is also known just simply by her initials MTG, has been a vocal and passionate supporter of former President Donald Trump, and on various occasions has used public platforms to express her support for him, on her first day in Congress in 2019 she wore a face mask reading “Trump Won”, however, Donald Trump eventually lost the presidential election to Democratic representative Joe Biden in 2020 presidential elections.
Twitter has defended its stance on the matter stating that the company is firm in keeping the misinformation related to COVID-19 and vaccination rollouts off their platform.
Twitter has increased regulations around sensitive information in their platform, after becoming President, Joe Biden had asked social media platforms to increase the strict actions against fake news and misinformation.



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