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Trump remains a favorite for next GOP nominations

The former president of the United States Donald Trump started his new year with possible good news, among the party of Republicans the former President remains the favorite for the next presidential election nominations.
In a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in mid-December of 2021 and the results were announced just last week. As it turns out Donald Trump received overwhelming support from his party members for the next presidential election nominations.
The race for 2024 U.S Presidential Elections will start in just about 10 months’ time, and the Republican Party or simply GOP is looking for its options for the next elections. Donald Trump who served as the President of the United States from 2016 to 2020 came out as the most popular choice among his peers.
The Republican politician and the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis was the second most popular choice, he garnered 11% of total votes, and republican politician and former vice president Mike Pence was the third most popular choice among the republicans, he garnered 8% of the total votes, Mike Pence served as the vice president of the United States under Trump administration.
In other public polls other than Reuters/Ipsos also found Donald Trump to be the absolute favorite among the republic candidates, the former President has garnered overwhelming support of about 52% of the voters. However, in the Reuters/Ipsos poll, the former President was far ahead of his counterparts with above 82% of the votes.
However, even though the former President leads with great popularity, it hasn’t discouraged other GOP hopefuls from visiting and campaigning especially in the states that will be going into the polls early, in the same process about 6 GOP hopefuls made 7 to 8 visits to New Hampshire in 2021.
The former President Donald Trump is also all set to start his bid for 2024 Presidential elections and has announced his plans to sway the voters in Arizona, where he will be rallying for the first time in 2022, this will also be his first campaign-style rally and will possibly be marking his bid for the White House for 2024 Presidential Elections.
Arizona was one of the game-changer states in the last presidential elections, now President Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump with a very thin margin in Arizona.
What has been traditionally a Republican State, Arizona will be an interesting battleground for next year’s elections as well.
Trump has also announced his plans for a press conference in Mar-e-lagoon 6th January 2022. 6th January also marks one year anniversary of the US Capitol Attack, which occurred last year when far-right and Trump supporters stormed into the United States Capitol in order to disturb the congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden. Donald Trump was widely criticized and was unofficially termed as responsible for the riots. In his announcement for the press conference, Trump maintained his position on his unfounded and false claims of the 2020 elections being rigged and stolen. Immediately after the last elections, Trump had filed lawsuits against Joe Biden for rigging the elections but all the cases were dropped for being unfounded and supported no truth.



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