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Is The Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage A Google Ranking Factor?

Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage: Does Google consider the number of images on a page in its search ranking algorithms? So here I will let you know what are the ranking factors related to images quantity on a webpage.

Adding many images into written content can help readers to get to know the content is what is related to and keep them engaged for a longer time and it may decrease bounce rate.

Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage

Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage

In return that can lead to more time on-site, they are visiting again and again that also increases the potential for more views per visit.

There are also SEO benefits related to images as well, like the ability to earn more traffic from Google.

But we know it’s possible to have too many better things when it is related to SEO.

Few keywords are great but too many keywords will be keyword stuffing. Using some data structure will be helpful but using it too much for your website can lead you to violations of Google Guidelines.

So the question is: Are there any SEO risks related to using too many images?

Here I will let you know about the claim of this question which is correct or not.

Claim: The Number Of Images On A Webpage Can Impact Rankings

The number of images in content is said to impact Google rankings in many ways.

Some claimed that using too many images can impact rankings in a false way. This is because images can impact page loading speed, and slower pages may not rank as well as faster ones.

Is this true or not? Below is the explanation about it.

Explanation: Does The Number Of Images On A Webpage Impact Rankings?

In some guides, the number of images on a page could negatively impact rankings.

But, this is not any rule, and there’s no exact information for determining how many images are “too many.”

The extent to which images impact Google search rankings depends on how long they take to load.

Adding a lot of images with large sizes can make a slower page loading speed, which may impact rankings with page speed being a ranking factor. That’s right, page speed is a confirmed ranking factor.

For more explanation, there is almost sure to be pages without images. You actually don’t need to add images to rank in search engines, for example, you can see Wikipedia that has many pages without having a single image but still, this site can get huge traffic and ranking without any issue.

You can simply use 4-6 images in 1000 words of content but that is also not sure, you don’t need images to rank but unique content and speed of webpages are required to rank well.



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