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iZUP : Manage Your Text Messages And Phone Calls While Driving

Illume Software sets the power of pervasive location technology to function in critical situations. It builds up solutions that influence location to power high-value apps and services. The first product of Illume Software, iZUP, puts forward a responsible solution to cell phone-related unfocused driving.

iZUP exploits the power of GPS, the popularity of cellular networks, and the new stress on intelligent solutions to real-world harms. iZup program obstructs avoidable cell phone use while driving and also blocks facility to text while driving. It helps drivers stay attentive by holding text messages, calls and e-mails while driving.

For guardians of teen drivers, businesses and anyone anxious about the dangers of texting or conversation while driving, iZUP offers an elegant, simple solution. The application makes use of GPS technology to detect the speed of a car. If the car is traveling at a speed greater than 5 mph, the software application throws incoming calls directly to voice mail and keeps text messages.

It also restricts outgoing text messages and calls, excepting 911 calls. Account holders can customize the software to let calls or from specific numbers, such as a parent’s phone. It is teenager-tamper-proof. If it is effectively uninstalled, the account holder will instantly receive an e-mail alert. It is not just for teens, it is already set to cities like Boston and firms that might want their employees to have mobile phones but not use them while driving.

For the time being, the application is available just for Blackberry devices and handsets that run on Android operating software and Windows Mobile. It would be hard for one to adjust to it in the beginning, but it is really worth the attempt to try and hold back yourself from calling while on the drive. The downloadable software is available at a cost starting at $5 a month or $50 a year to use.



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