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Hundreds of Migrants from Honduras Stopped in Guatemala

Hundreds of Honduran migrants, who had left their home city of San Pedro Sula on Saturday to reach the United States entered the borders of Guatemala, in Guatemala they were stopped by the authorities and now these migrants are being returned to their home country.
Earlier, in the afternoon of Saturday about 300 migrants majority of whom belonged to Honduras and Nicaragua, arrived in the city of Corinto in Honduras, this group then crossed into the borders of Guatemala in the province of Izabal, in Izabel the group was stopped by the Guatemalan police and army.
The Guatemalan migration authorities informed that they were in talks with the migrants about their return to their home countries. The institute also informed that those migrants who wish to remain in Guatemala have to provide their personal identification documents, vaccination proof, and a negative test for the coronavirus.
The director of the Guatemalan Migration Institute, Carlos Emilio Morales said that people are being returned humanely, and everything was in order.
The government of Guatemala informed that at least 36 migrants were deported back to Honduras since they were not able to present the required documents, and 10 people were allowed to remain in the country after they could meet the same requirements.
Fabricio Ordoñez, and Ubaldo López, who are young Honduran and Nicaraguan marchers and were part of the group, expressed hope that the border officials will let them pass through Guatemala and Mexico.
They said that they hope that the governments of Guatemala and Mexico will allow the group to pass the borders and that the United States government will open their borders for them.
The United States and other Central American countries have repeatedly halted such groups in recent years.
Large numbers of migrants, most of them belonging from Central America and Haiti, have reached the U.S. border over the past year, which has created a challenge for the United States government and administration of Joe Biden.
Between September 2020 and September 2021, the United States Border Control had reported over 1.6 million encounters with the migrants along the Mexican border. The numbers saw an increase of four times from the previous fiscal year
President Biden has supported a proposal for $7 billion US dollars in aid to Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in hopes that improved economic conditions in these countries will slow migration.
Last year the United States government relaunched an immigration policy, the policy provides asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until the time of their hearing. The Foreign Ministry of Mexico also informed and confirmed the policy changes of the United States and confirmed that they will not be sending migrants back to their origin countries for humanitarian reasons



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