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How to Install a Steam Shower

Steam has been a necessary part of different treatments for centuries. For example, we can say about inhaling steam that is useful to relieve your nose congestion. Taking a steam shower could give you many benefits. If you want to get the benefits from a warm shower, install a steam shower in your bathroom. Let’s see how to install a steam shower.

How to Install a Steam Shower?

Obviously it is an excellent idea to install a quality steam shower in your bathroom. The money that you invest for it couldn’t be compared to the health benefits of your whole family.

The process of installing a warm steam shower involves the electricians, plumbers and home professionals. Installing the shower is a little bit difficult but when all the work will be done properly, it becomes stress free and easy for you. In this blog, you will find the instruction about how to install a steam shower but before that you should know about the things that you need to consider before installing it.

Things to Consider

  1. Size and location:

The size of your steam shower should be big enough because you would sit and relax there. But it shouldn’t be very large because large shower exceeds more electricity than the regular electrical capacity. The ideal size is about 7-8 feet. The location of the shower is also very important thing to keep in mind and your steam shower should be located far from the outside walls.

  1. Skylight and windows:

To get good results, the skylight and windows shouldn’t be inside the steam room. If you want a window, just construct the window as high as possible from the. If you have a ceiling from where the skylight reaches, ask the manufacturer if they could supply a glass ceiling for your bathroom.

  1. Shower door:

The door of the shower should be sealed tightly but in the winter, the shower area becomes cold and you need to make the area dry. So, open the door for some time and let the cold away. Otherwise, set a transom on the door top to install heat.

  1. Location of the steam generator:

You should set the generator about 25 feet above from the shower. You would get the best result if the generator is located near the shower. You will need the power line and water line to operate the steam generator.

At last, it is the time to construct and design the steam shower. The quality, design and the materials are important parts of a good steam shower. The wall should consist of a vapor, cement, tile, grout and a backer board but it is totally your choice which methods and materials you will use.

Steps to Installing A Steam Shower

  1. Design the steam shower

Seat: You must set a seat in your shower room. You could choose a folding seat or a built in bench according to the space of your shower room. To let the water overflow, built in benches should be sloped.

Steam outlet and control: The steam outlet must be away from the seating area and the entrance for a comfortable and safe bath. But the control system should be located close to the seat as it could sense the heat in the shower room.

Ceiling sloping: it is not so effective to slope the ceiling and prevent dripping.  With a tiled ceiling, the water might drip at the edge and avoid travelling to the slope. If you decide sloping the ceiling, 1-inch slope on per foot is recommended. In a big steam shower, you need to slope the shower area below the bench.

  1. Choose the materials:

Temperature limit: The steam will be too hot and the temperature will be 212-degree F. You should consult with the manufacturer that which materials are useful and could bear this temperature and also ensure about the limit of the temperature.

Waterproofing: All surfaces including ceiling need to be protected from moisture. So, the materials must be waterproof.

Radiant heat and insulation: insulation of the interior wall is optional but for the exterior wall, it is a must. You shouldn’t over insulate the walls. During winter, radiant warmth in the wall and the floor helps taking out the cold.

Shower door: The door of your shower room must be sealed tightly on the top and both sides. Order a door that is designed specifically for a steam shower room.

  1. Installation

Replacing the bathtub: You need to remove your bathtub to install the steam shower unit. Just slide the unit into place and set it.

Drywall: Make sure that everything is dry because moisture could help growing mildew, molds or other damages. You could use an exhaust fan for the installation of the steam shower.

Steam generator: The shower unit should be GFCI protected and ensure that the electric and water supply is available there. Adjust the generator close to the seat and you might need an electrician to do this task.

Manual instruction: follow the instructions in the manual book that is given with the shower. For two-person unit, the assembly time should be two or three hours.

Water supply: Connect a cold water and a hot water supply because the unit needs them to feed the generator and shower head.

Drain the shower: You should have a flexible hose to drain the water and it needs to be connected with the shower unit.

Level the unit: Adjust leveling legs and level the shower unit. Generally, 7-10 legs could be adjusted to give you a stable base.

Finish the installation: You have to keep in mind that all the accessories you are using must be suitable and mold resistant. Install the shower door that you have already ordered. After finishing the task, let everything to dry and check whether you have connected everything correctly and the steam shower is working properly.

To conclude, a steam shower in its optimum condition could take your stress away and make your life easier. To get all necessary health benefits, you should set up a steam shower in your bathroom.



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