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Google Experiences Internal Issues During Indexing

Currently, Google experiencing some internal issues while indexing new links and having issues like server errors in many sites.


As of late Google Search Console conveyed various messages cautioning distributers of redirect. Anyway, on Monday the authority Google Search Central Twitter account refreshed the pursuit showcasing local area that the messages might have been sent because of an internal indexing error and that they were examining.

Search Central Community receives Google Search Console Emails

The pursuit local area saw a lot of errors for what is ordinarily a somewhat uncommon issue.

Redirect Error in GCS

A redirect error is something that publishers may not see in their Google Search Console. It’s related to technical SEO issue which is related to 301 and 302 redirects.

In general, when a publisher was making changes to their website or when any plugin update has gone wrong, then a redirect error you may see in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Started Fixing the Issue

Google Search Central Tweeted for the same:


What Caused The Issue?

Google doesn’t inform anything about why this issue occurred but they said only internal issues. In the search community, many publishers questioned why Google decreased new web page indexing from the past. We still don’t have the answer to why Google decreased indexing new web pages faster.



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