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Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates

If you’re new to ice skating, you must be wondering which skates should you choose first, a figure skates or a hockey skates. These two skates are different in shapes and features of the blades. Figure skates are designed with longer and straighter blades while hockey skates are shorter and curved.

It’s tough to decide which skates to start with in your skating journey. Choosing the right one can help you master skating easily. Also it can be dangerous for your kids if you choose the wrong one for them. Hence it’s very important to know the differences between figure skates and hockey skates.

These two have their own advantages and disadvantages. They also have their own fan line. You have to choose a skate according to your need.

We will tell you about the differences between a figure skate and a hockey skate.

Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates

Design: You can recognize a figure skate only by looking at its blade. The blade has a toe pick that makes it look different from hockey skates. This blade is used by picking into the ice while jumping.

On the other hand, Hockey skate comes with a rigid boot that is made of plastic. This protects the skater’s feet from hard pucks, hockey sticks and other player’s skates. The blade of a hockey skate has more rocker as it is rounded upward at the front and at the rear.

Types: There are many types of figure skates and hockey skates on the market. Figure skates can be designed for freestyle, ice dancing and synchronized skating. Freestyle skates have longer blades than synchronized skating and ice dancing. This prevents one player’s skate to step on another player’s skate. Ice dancing skates have knee support to help with deeper knee bends.

Hockey sticks are designed for forwards, defensemen or goalies. Skates for forward are usually lighter so they can run fast with it while skates for defensemen are stiffier so the players can block the puck.

Skates for goalies are designed with a lower boot and wider blades. This helps the goalie to move side to side and block shots.

Size: Both figure and hockey skates should be bought at the smallest size that fits your feet well. Too big sized skates can cause poor performance and you might end up injuring yourself. These skates have sizes available for men, women and kids. Men skates and women skates have slight differences in the structure as women have smaller toes than men.

Which Skate A Beginner Should Start With?

Undoubtedly, a beginner should start with a figure skate. The shape of a figure skate blade is wider than the blade of a hockey skate. Wider blades provide the player with more comfort. Shop Top 12 best figure skates. A beginner might assume the toepick is used for stopping the skater which is not right. However, hockey skates are not recommended for Beginners Because they come with curved blades.

Starting with a hockey stakes might make you face some problems while moving to figure skates. It will be a lot more difficult to master the toepick task. Even if you want to play hockey, you better start it with a figure stakes as it will help with balance. If the player is young and playing on ice, hockey skates make it much tough for him to maintain the balance. A little mistake can make him fall. It will be easier for you to use hockey skates once you learn blade pushes with figure skates.

Final Thoughts

If you or your loved ones are about to learn ice skating or hockey, start it with figure skates. Because figure skates provide more comfort as well as safety. When there’s comfort and safety, you can learn anything faster. Anyway, you can shift to a hockey stakes when you learn how to skate properly. Moving from a figure stakes to a hockey stakes is an easy thing.



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