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Everything you want to know about PDFescape and its features

PDF app is an essential tool for reading pdf extension files. If any app can do the entire task associated with PDF and quite close to ADOBE ACROBAT, then it would be PDFescape. Users mostly prefer to use Adobe Acrobat because of its various functions.

Adobe is a memory hungry app and leaves a lot of junk after use. So, you need to find an alternative to this junk hungry app. PDFescape does all the work for you. If you’re interested in the third-party app, then PDFescape is the ultimate step up for you.

About PDFescape

PDFescape is a service started by Red Software, a California software company which focus on PDF associated software.

PDFescape has the multi-functional aptitude to work with your PDF requirements. It is the first online editor, reader, form filler, creator that doesn’t need installation. You can do all the work online. PDFescape is web-based software which uses JavaScript, AJAX, and XML.

Why named PDFescape?

PDFescape is called for its capability to help users to escape the usual software necessities which working with PDF files often demands. It permits its users to avoid these often pricey technologies with this online web application.

PDFescape plans

It has three different ideas, and all programs come with a 15-day money back guarantee.

PDFescape Free

Free PDFescape tool can edit PDF online. Open PDF documents in your web browser. Zoom PDF pages.

Copy pasting to the clipboard. Finding PDF text for terms and keywords with no difficulty. Download and print PDF documents. PDF thumbnail, bookmark and link support.

Creating and Filling forms

Bulk up PDF forms using existing form fields or use the text tool. Essential PDF field calculation and formatting support. Basic PDF field technique supported.

Quickly rotate to and from another field.

Editing PDF

Adding text, shaping, whiteout and more to your PDF files. Cropping, moving, deleting and insert PDF pages with links to other PDF pages or WEB content and changing tags, encrypting contents, Adding images, Scan signature with signed PDF documents.

Sharing PDF Documents

Only registered users can share PDFescape link which will be provided by PDFescape. You need to enable the ‘sharing’ option then you can share the document. You can also tell others to make changes or editing your PDF.

Annotate and markup PDF files

Give your remark and sign your PDF documents. Edit PDF annotation; Highlight your choices, Underline, Mark PDF content.


PDFescape has some limitations while using the free version. The Free version allows you to do the editing and sharing, but there is a restriction in numbers or how many times you’re allowed to use it.

  • Maximum file size 10MB.
  • Maximum pages per file 100 pages
  • Recent File history 7 Days
  • Maximum stored files 10 Files
  • Other restrictions
  • Editing PDFs on your desktop
  • Editing existing text & images
  • Merge multiple PDFs is not permitted
  • Converting PDFs to text or image are not allowed
  • Extract pages are not allowed
  • Insert page numbers, headers, footers, and watermarks are not allowed
  • Compress and reduce the size of PDFs are not allowed
  • 256-bit encryption and password protection are not provided
  • Creating advanced PDF forms is not allowed
  • Electronic signatures and certificate signing are not allowed
  • Erasing content from a PDF is not allowed

PDFescape Premium

Premium version has advanced facilities than a free version. The main feature is Ad Free attribute which enables the user to work seamlessly.

PDF desktop feature allows Editing, Filling and saving PDF forms, creating necessary PDF forms online. Reviewing and annotating PDF documents, keeping the work to PDFescape servers, Printing and saving as PDF with no watermarks. Downloading modified files to your computer.

Creating and Filling forms

Bulk up PDF forms using existing form fields or use the text tool. Essential PDF field calculation and formatting support. Basic PDF field technique supported.

Quickly rotate to and from another field.

Editing PDF

Adding text, shaping, whiteout and more to your PDF files. Cropping, moving, deleting and insert PDF pages with links to other PDF pages or WEB content and changing tags, encrypting contents, Adding images, Scan signature with signed PDF documents.

Sharing PDF Documents

Only registered users can share PDFescape link which will be provided by PDFescape. You need to enable the ‘sharing’ option then you can share the document. You can also tell others to make changes or editing your PDF.

Annotate and markup PDF files

Give your remark and sign your PDF documents. Edit PDF annotation; Highlight your choices, Underline, Mark PDF content.


PDFescape premium has some limitations as well. Premium version will not allow you to do some advance work and sharing.

  • Publishing Forms and collecting responses are not allowed.
  • Maximum file size 40MB.
  • Maximum pages per file 1000 pages.
  • Recent File history 30 Days.
  • Maximum stored files 100 Files.

Other restrictions

  • 256-bit encryption and password protection are not provided.
  • Creating advanced PDF forms is not allowed.
  • Electronic signatures and certificate signing are not allowed.
  • Erasing content from a PDF is not allowed.


Pricing in premium feature varies for monthly or yearly basis. You need to pay 5.99/month for yearly, price 2.99/month. You can evaluate the premium features for seven days for a trial period

PDFescape Ultimate

Ultimate version has all the facilities. It has no expiration on recent file history or other restrictions on using the software.


Pricing in the last feature varies for a monthly or yearly basis. You need to pay 5.99/month for annual rate or 8.99/month for monthly basis. You can evaluate the Ultimate features for seven days for a trial period.

PDFescape Publishing

PDFescape PDF publishing let you bring out a PDF file for your customers to access online, given that additional features and PDF configuration options and offering supreme control over PDF files online.

Example Uses

Share out PDF forms and gather responses using email (no software is necessary!).

Share PDF contents with no software requirements or access file at once.

Allow PDF form filling tools are not originated in Adobe Reader such as remark using uploaded image.

State compact permissions than offered in Adobe Reader, prevent changes, printing, text selection, and even file downloading.

Publishing Overview

Through the PDF publishing facilities available in PDFescape Ultimate, you can upload & share PDF files that your beneficiary can access online with no download required. Once you upload a PDF to be published, you’ll be provided with a link to the PDF file on the PDFescape servers which you can then distribute on your website, in emails or other media.

PDFescape publishing provides you access to extra features and PDF configuration options for superior control over your published PDF files. These advanced access control actions let you state the exact characteristics of PDFescape which your users are permitted to use. You can even exclude users from ever receiving a PDF copy of your document, serving to guard your web content.

Your published PDFs can be hosted, or they can be full PDF forms, filled and submitted to you using email when completing. Visitors of the PDF via this link will be capable of filling out and modifying the PDF file with no need to buy or download any PDF software. You can set which tools your customers should choose and not to choose. You can even identify whether your customers are allowed to export the PDF or if they have an option to “submit it” sending a copy of the filled out form to you using email.

Key Features

  • Enable Your Customers
  • Permit customers to analyze and fill out PDF forms online without installing software
  • No per user or peruse fees
  • No user calculation limit
  • Decide which tools your customers can use
  • Your customers pay nothing

Enable Your Forms

  • Permit form submit on your PDF documents
  • Get your document email to you upon completion

Protect Your PDFs

PDF files published to PDFescape can be excluded from downloading or printing Protect your PDF content by never given that the actual PDF file to users in the first place

How to publish forms with PDFescape?

Create your pdf form

You can add form fields to PDF files using several applications and services. You should either add your form fields using Adobe Acrobat Pro, PDFescape Online or PDFescape desktop for pc. To attach form fields using PDFescape Online, just

  • Open the PDF in
  • Use the “Form Field” Tool.
  • Once you have completed your form design,
  • Click File – Save As and
  • Save your PDF to your desktop.
  • PDFescape maintains text, checkbox, radio, list, and combo (drop down) form fields at this time.

Sign up for a publishing plan

  • Log into your account,
  • Click on “Publish,”
  • “Publish New PDF.”

Whether your plan doesn’t allow publishing or has gone beyond the number of published documents permitted in PDFescape will inform you at this point and give you an opportunity to upgrade.

Get your PDF uploaded

When in the document publishing area of your account, upload your form from your local computer.

Be patient as this upload may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the size of your PDF form.

Linking to and customizing your PDF

When your upload is finished, you can change several settings according to how your PDF form will be sent to you on completion.

Moreover, here you can access links for your PDF file. These links will link easily to your data on the PDFescape servers. Use links to post on your website, in your emails, or in other digital content.

There are no extra charges for each view, submission or users and your PDF form will have a secure, across the reachable world home.

PDFescape Premium features explanation

Edit, Create and convert PDF files

While PDFescape Basic will be free forever, PDFescape Premium & Ultimate consist of PDFescape Desktop features for advanced PDF editing functionality on your Windows® PC. PDFescape Desktop gives you

  • Pro tools to directly edit PDFs
  • Merge documents
  • Convert to Word, and more

Edit Text and images

PDFescape Desktop formulates

  • Easy to alter text & images in your PDF
  • Change fonts, or highlight, underline, & cross out the book
  • Annotation & markup tools include free text & freehand drawing tools, shapes, sticky notes, and more
  • Give your documents professional look by adding bookmarks and hyperlinks, watermarks & letterhead

Merge PDFs

Merge PDFs, crop, rotate, delete & extract pages, and more! PDFescape Desktop is what you need to edit PDFs.

Create and Convert

PDFescape Desktop is a dominant suite of tools counting a PDF converter and maker as well.

  • PDFs creating from printable files,
  • Scan to PDF or creating PDFs from images.
  • Convert PDFs to Word file, Excel, HTML, or image formats. PDFescape Desktop with a variety of tools for arranging documents, merging PDFs, inserting blank pages, importing pages straightly from another PDF, re-arrange pages or take out a page into a new blank PDF.
  • Pages can be cropped or deleted, and page sizes can be in sync on the fly.

Sign and Certify

PDFescape Desktop + PDFescape Ultimate is the definitive paperless solution. By the signing tool, your documents can be signed with a single click of the mouse.

Secure and Protect

PDFescape Desktop + PDFescape Ultimate provides several tools for securing & shielding your PDFs. Protect your outbound PDFs with up to 256-bit banking-grade encryption with password security for the ultimate.

System Requirements

  • OS Windows®7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor Pentium III or equivalent
  • Memory / RAM 1 GB
  • Disk Space 100 MB or freer

Internet connection is essential for version updates, activation, to download paid-for features, and for online services. Microsoft Office is obligatory for plug-in use & conversion to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

PDFescape Sharing

Registered PDFescape users can distribute a read-only copy of a PDF document in their account with new users via a simple link. If the document has distribution enabled, anybody with this link can view (but not modify), download, and print a copy of the report in its recent state. You can put sharing on and off using the “Share” button on the top of the PDFescape user interface.

Important Limitations

Changes prepared to your PDF will only be seen by your viewers when their page refreshes. When you delete or let run out the shared PDF document, those with whom it was shared will no longer be capable of viewing it Users will not be able to edit your documents.

How to License the Volume?

PDFescape Enterprise let your organization to sign up for several PDFescape Premium and Ultimate memberships under one invoice. Organizations with as few as five users meet the criteria for discounts.

Sign up Process

Login to PDFescape and go to https//

Select an Enterprise name and size
Note When you make yourself the admin of an Enterprise, this cannot be undone. Otherwise, the admin account will function as a standard PDFescape account and access to membership benefits.

Click the ‘Manage Users’ button. Here you can invite other users to join the Enterprise.
Note At this time, a user should first create his sub-account at https//

If you’re content with your Enterprise size and ready to add a membership, click the ‘Upgrade Membership’ button. You can use a credit card to pay for the group. Please contact Red Software to give payment in other ways.

Volume Discount Level


Users Discount
5+ 10%
10+ 15%
25+ 20%
50+ 25%
100+ 30%
250+ 35%


Direct ASP.NET integration(H3)


As the most feature complete HTML based PDF viewer, editor, and form filler for ASP.NET, RAD PDF offers a flexible so far great substitute to common PDF solutions. Unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader, RAD PDF operates in almost any modern web browser without software or plugins.

Integrating into a straight line with ASP.NET, you can use RAD PDF to manage PDF content access, to settle PDF forms dynamically, and to make possible PDF modifications. RAD PDF offers excellent tools to analyze and edit PDF files both client-side and server-side.

Whether you make use of the built-in web browser border or execute your own by the extensive developer API, RAD PDF is ready “out of the box” for introduce and enterprise use similar. Scalable and secure, the technology behind RAD PDF has been exposed to millions of real web users in our free PDF editor, PDFescape.


  • Web Browser Based PDF Reader
  • Client-Side PDF Editor
  • Feature Rich PDF Form Filler
  • Interactive PDF Form Designer
  • Protect & Secure PDF Content
  • Integrate PDF into Your Workflow
  • Enterprise Ready ASP.NET Control


No Plugins Required!

Supported Browsers
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari
Server Requirements
  • Windows Server
  • IIS Running NET
Some Features
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Web Browser based PDF Reader

Compatible with 99% of internet browsers on Microsoft WindowsMac OS X, & Linux, RAD PDF allows you to arrange your solution without daunting extra requirements.

Not merely a PDF to HTML converter, RAD PDF natively supports the most frequently used PDF features.

  • Rotate, scroll and zoom PDF pages
  • PDF thumbnail, bookmark and link support
  • Open, save, download and print PDF documents
  • Search PDF text for terms and keywords with ease
  • Select document text and copy PDF content to the clipboard.

Client-Side PDF Editing & Annotating

Further, then a PDF reader, RAD PDF provides web applications with a browser-based PDF editor and PDF annotator. Features not even available in Adobe Acrobat Reader can be selectively enabled and disabled to provide advanced PDF functionality.

  • Add, crop, move & delete PDF pages
  • Add text, whiteout & more to PDF files
  • Annotate PDF files with markup and sticky notes
  • Change PDF document information tags
  • Linking to other PDF pages or web content
  • Insert and remove bookmarks (PDF outlines)
  • Encrypt PDF contents using a password
  • Add images to PDF files via direct upload or server-side
  • Customize tools with dynamic content & server-side integrations

Feature Rich PDF Form Filler

By enabling PDF form filling & PDF form saving in a straight line in the web browser, RAD PDF users can utilize PDF form fields without worrying about having the right software installed.

  • Fill out PDF forms by using existing form fields or use the Text tool
  • CheckCombo(drop-down), ListRadio, & Text field types supported
  • Tab from field to field for rapid form completion
  • Built-in support for field calculations, format, & style
  • Prefill PDF form data & capture entered information
  • Free of Adobe Reader & LiveCycle licensing fees.

Interactive PDF Form Designer

  • Facilitate the design of new PDF forms and change of existing PDF forms using an online graphical user interface.
  • Add new PDF form fields to several PDF files
  • Style PDF form fields (font, size, color)
  • Adjust or delete existing PDF form fields
  • Modify fields beyond the requirements (moving, resizing, etc.)
  • Put together user actions (clicks, changes, etc.) with your application

Protect & Secure PDF Content

Unlike many PDF protection tools, RAD PDF allows your users to view a PDF without needing to install a plugin and without any client-side access to the document itself. By simply displaying an interactive illustration of the PDF content, your PDF document can remain secure on your server.

Prevent direct PDF access while still allowing viewing

Limit or disable printing, document searching, & text extraction

Selectively enable or disable modification tools

Integrate PDF into Your Workflow

Instead of relying on PDF documents to load correctly in a “black box” like Adobe Reader, RAD PDF allows you to implement custom workflows and design a unique customer interaction with PDF documents. Our customers use RAD PDF to accomplish countless tasks including,

  • Save & reopen partially completed PDF forms
  • Pre-fill PDF form data using
  • Control PDF content usage
  • Lock PDF form field values or object locations
  • Add timestamps or user signatures from a server repository
  • Customize & localize text in the client interface
  • Intercept internal events.

Enterprise Ready ASP.NET Control

Hosted entirely on your server, RAD PDF does not rely on any particular client software or third-party web services or content. Direct ASP.NET integration.

Web Forms equipped, but not reliant, RAD PDF uses in both Web Forms, and MVC based ASP.NET applications with just a few lines of code as shown in our Interactive Demo.

Developing the technology relied upon by millions in PDFescape, RAD PDF’s performance, security, and dependability is tried and true. Construct with scalability in mind; RAD PDF does not require niggling ASP.NET features like session or caching variables. A .NET based solution, it has native 32-bit (x86) & 64-bit (x64) support.

License pricing and purchasing

RAD PDF Licensing and Pricing

  • Developer License requires 299$ per machine.
  • Production License requires 2,999$ per server.
  • All licenses are permanent (one-time fee) & include a 3 month maintenance plan.
  • For deployments requiring more than 4 Production Licenses, please contact Red Software for discounted volume pricing. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD).


Maintenance Plan Pricing

  • Developer License requires 74.75$ per machine.
  • Production License requires 749.75$ per server.
  • These plans provide a licensee with continuous access to technical support and product upgrades if renewed earlier plan expiration. If you wish to reactivate your Maintenance Plan after your program has expired, a 50% surcharge to the above pricing will apply.
  • For volume discounts, contact Red Software.
  • You can use licenses without an active Maintenance Plan. However, support and product updates will not be provided.


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