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China Threatens USA Over Diplomatic Boycott of Winter Olympics

Following US president Joe Biden’s announcement of a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, to be held in the Chinese capital city of Beijing, the Chinese foreign ministry on Tuesday threatened the US administration of ‘serious retaliations’ of former’s actions.

Mr. Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, during a press conference, accused the US administration of ‘trying to disrupt the Beijing Winter Olympics’ by making statements ‘out of ideological bias’. Mr. Zhao further added that move by the American government undermines the foundation of ‘China-US sports exchange’ and ‘The Olympics cooperation’.

The US president, last month had said that his administration was considering such a diplomatic boycott of China for its gross human rights violations and what the US administration says the genocide against minority Muslim community in China.

There also has been incredible pressure on the American government by different human rights activists and organizations to boycott the games in China in response to the Chinese government’s human rights abuse in the province of Xinjiang, Tibet, and Hong Kong.

Although the US government’s boycott won’t prevent American athletes from participating in the games, Washington’s strong stance will likely start a diplomatic tug of war between two economic superpowers.

Most human rights organizations have welcomed the American government’s move to boycott the games, while the Chinese mission to the United Nations criticized the move by declaring it “American mentality of Cold War”

Chinese officials also blamed the Biden administration for politicizing the games and creating differences and provoking confrontations.

In recent times US-China relations seemed to be improving, especially in the light of the recent virtual meeting between leaders of both nations that took place last month.

China’s aggressive military presence in Taiwan had also triggered criticism from many countries including the USA. Also, the controversy surrounding Chinese female tennis star Peng Shuhai and her disappearance following her accusing former Premier of the country of sexual harassment had also called for a global condemnation and boycott of sports events in China.

A similar situation also occurred during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games that too were held in Beijing. In 2008, China had faced widespread criticism and threats of boycotts for its human rights violations in Tibet.

US administration or congress has not yet responded to harsh comments of Chinese officials, and it’s to see how this situation unfolds, China and US have had a competitive economic rivalry that significantly and most adversely affected world economics during Trump presidency.



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