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Brad Nailers Vs Finish Nailers – What Type Do You Need?

Are you interested to know about nail guns? If yes, you should know first that which nailer is better for you- finish nailer or brad nailer. Here is the solution to help you out of this confusion.

A nailer is such an important tool that you might need in your workshop for your projects. The look and size of the two nailer is quite similar that makes it difficult to choose one. There are some examples from which it would be easier to decide that which one is suitable for you.

What Is a Brad Nailer?

The brad nailer works like a nail gun but it doesn’t shoot nails actually rather it shoots brads. The brads are like a thin nail and has a gauge of 18 and in the cross-section 0.0475inches. The brads are small for nails. Many DIYers never used such thin and small nails probably. It is popular for setting up very thin finishing.

For example, if you have a thin trim, regular nails could break or crack the trim. To protect your trim, you should use the brad nailer. Moreover, it is easy keeping the nailer around you and helps you in the time of your need like gives the finishing touch to your woodworking project or carpentry or molding.

Pros and Cons of Brad Nailers:


  1. The brad nailer comes in 18 gauge that doesn’t split your trim.
  2. Perfect for fixing delicate moldings and trims.
  3. You could use it on smaller plywood and baseboards up to half inch.
  4. The ensuing hole would be very small that doesn’t need to fill.


  1. It is not the appropriate device to nail hard to touch tight spaces and corners.
  2. It couldn’t hold heavy wood, moldings and large boards.

What Is a Finish Nailer?

Finish nailers are quite similar to brad nailers. You might not use it always for your job but for some specific situations, it might be useful. Its strength is more than brad nailers and less than heavy duty guns. Finish nailers are used to accommodate nailers 1-2.5 inches in size.

Pros and Cons of Finish Nailers:


  1. They are bigger than brad nailers and comes in 15-16 gauge that holds high strength.
  2. They are handy and versatile for some works.
  3. They have an angle that helps reaching in tight space and corners.
  4. They are good for attaching large baseboards, crown molding, plywood, wood working or even building furniture.


  1. The resulting hole would be large and needs filling. Cover the hole or filling this could be extra work for a carpenter.
  2. They are not useful to fix narrow boards or thin trims.

Differences Between Finish Nailers and Brad Nailers

Now you have an idea about the similarities of this two types of nailers. You should keep this in mind that they are less powerful than other nail guns and are used for some specific purposes. So, don’t even think that they could be used for the same purpose. Here are the main differences between these two types.

Hole size: As you know already that both nailers gives you holes but in different sizes. The main thing is you have to cover the hole with putty in most of the holes but for brad nailers, it not true actually. Even you would need to fill putty in some cases like a thin or weak material, but usually you don’t have to do this extra work when using a brad nailer.

Nails: The high gauge number makes the cross section or the diameter small in size. In this case, finish nailers might be good as the gauge number is lower than brad nailers. Brad nailers shoot 18 gauge of nails where finish nailers offers you 15-16 gauge nails.

Power: By comparing these two nailer, finish nailers are more powerful. If you have a thick or heavy trim to put up, finish nailers are useful. Because brad nailers would be a risk for your trim and the wrong use might cause the molding or trim falling away from your wall. For driving the nail into a narrow trim, powerful finish nailers could be a hindrance.

Uses: The brad nailers wouldn’t crack or split the thin wood but finish nailers would. Thus, carpenters prefer to use brad nailers to work in the corner. They cause less harm than finish nailers but if you are going to use the nailer in some curved or angel place, finish nailers are the best.

Features and accessories: Before buying a nailer, you must check about their accessories and features. To save your energy and time, you should choose the nailer that have extra features and accessories. You have to think about the cost that arises when you buy the accessories.

Not much nailers come with extra accessories and features but the finish and brad nailers both have these extra things. Both of the nailers could save your money. So, you have to decide as per your needs.

Finally, I could say that you have gather all the information and understand the usage of both of the nailers. Just notice that what type of wood you are using for your woodworking project and select the right nailer for you.



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