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Aperion Home Audio Link: Listen to Music Wirelessly


Aperion Audio introduced the Aperion Home Audio Link (HAL) which wirelessly transmits audio that is not compressed from any source and provides support for multi-room listening as well. Aperion Audio is a consumer direct manufacturer of award-winning home theater speaker systems.

Aperion’s Home Audio Link (HAL) is a wireless adapter capable of streaming any audio format wirelessly from an iPod, computer, MP3 music player or mobile device to a range of audio systems. It transmits uncompressed digital audio for about 100 feet in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. More HAL Receiver units can be added to it which can then distribute the music to up to three rooms.

HAL is easy to use and utilizes a strong wireless link. It delivers high quality sound at a reasonable price. The HAL presents all music lovers with great sound wherever they want to. It gives the users an option to set the music free and enable it to be heard on the finest audio system available, for instance, a home theater speaker system.

It can also be employed to wirelessly attach a powered subwoofer. If you want to hear music from a laptop computer, for instance, the user just has to plug the ‘HAL sender unit‘ into the USB port of the computer. After that, connect the ‘HAL receive unit‘ into an AV receiver. This then plugs in the power adapter and the system links without the need that you do anything mechanically.

HAL does not necessitate a software installation or Wi-Fi network, in contrast to many other wireless products on the market. The Package consists of a HAL Send unit and HAL Receive unit, 2 stereo mini to RCA cables, 2 USB power adapters, one stereo mini cable and two pairs of adhesive Velcro strips.

The Aperion HAL system is costs $149 for a one sender – one receiver system. Customers can purchase additional HAL receiver units at a cost of $70 each to have fun with distributed music everywhere at home.

A Bunch of Latest, Best, and Must Have Nintendo Switch Accessories.

The Nintendo Switch’s adaptability is a significant part of what makes it outstanding compared to its other rivals in the market. It’s a great handheld and your living room console. It also has a nice kickstand. But it doesn’t come with everything you want, and there are a lot of the Switch accessories available out there is just piece of junk and console makers love to upsell you on accessories that you may or may not need. Experts studied and tested dozens of Nintendo Switch accessories across all kinds of categories such as microSD cards, cases, controllers, stands, even cables and much more—to find the things that are really worth spending your money on.

The Nintendo Switch is an awesome gaming machine in that it performs double duty as a home console as well as a handheld-portable gaming station without breaking even a sweat. Notwithstanding its all-in-one approach to gaming, the Switch doesn’t come with everything that would be useful to the gamers. In fact, its mind-blowing variation makes a whole array of accessories all but necessary if you want to get the most out of Nintendo’s flagship hardware.

In this article, you will get some good idea of what accessory you might want to grab when you pick up your console. It’s a recommendation of all the Switch accessories below, that might come in handy regardless of your usage pattern. But one thing you won’t find on here is vinyl stickers because it turns out they can damage the casing of your Switch, so you better stay clear.

Accessories to Make Your Nintendo Switch Enjoyable

This article summed up almost all best accessories for Nintendo switch currently available in the market, allowing you to shoot, race, and explore the way you want. A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, for example, is the only way to go for players serious about battling toe-to-toe against others in Splatoon 2. A Joy-Con wheel pair, on the other hand, could work miracles in terms of helping you turn those sharp corners in Mario Kart 8. The list of Nintendo Switch accessories has been gathered in this article is certain to have something suite to your specific play style, so keep reading to improve your play experience and save a few bucks at the same time.

No matter you want to play your Switch on the go, or at home sitting on a couch on the big screen, your gameplay experience can be immensely improved by investing a little in a few smart Nintendo Switch accessories. The problem, however, arises when trying to determine which would most benefit you. It actually depends on your personal situation, choice, and preferences.

Are you regularly running out of memory space? Or struggling to store all your game cards, or even just worried that your console’s screen might crack if dropped on the ground? Thankfully, there is a heap of Nintendo Switch accessories –controllers, SD cards, cases, and more – all can resolve your Switch gaming distresses. Nintendo Switch controllers and Nintendo Switch SD cards have mentioned first below, as they’re the most popular accessories among all.

17 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories

Your Nintendo Switch comes with everything you need to jump in and start playing, no matter you’re playing mobile or connected to a television, but there’s a lot more to this console. There’s never really been a game console quite like this before, and keeping that in mind, there are some fabulous accessories out there that you might not usually think of. Whether you are gaming on the go or planted on your living room couch, here are some of the must-have accessories for your Nintendo Switch that can make your gameplay genuinely extraordinary. Let’s take a glimpse on few of the Nintendo switch must-have accessories.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Though the Nintendo Switch already comes with two Joy-Cons and a Joy-Con Grip you can slide them into to create a “controller-like” device, they are just fine for smaller hands, but nothing really beats a real controller, and that’s what you get with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Plus, it even has a real D-pad.

Joy-Cons works for more like for action-lite games, like Mario Kart 8, and the way it clips onto the console is a hit of genius. But for more serious action-packed games, and anyone with a larger grip, the Pro Controller is a must. Some of the best Nintendo Switch bundles have a Pro Controller as well.

Its bigger buttons, responsive thumbsticks, and more comfortable shape make it the controller of choice for more competitive and response-needed games. If you’re looking after tackling Splatoon, or you’re into Smash Bros. on Switch later this year, or you fancy something like Bayonetta 2, the Pro Controller may make a MASSIVE difference to your game.

The prime disadvantage is that it will relatively cost you a lot of bucks, so you have to accept you’re going to pay as much as you would for a complete gaming experience by it. On top of this, the trade-off is that it will make some of your older games feel like new, so it’s well worth the money.

2. High-Speed MicroSD Card

Don’t be a meager on a good-quality MicroSD card, too. One of the major drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch is that it only comes with 32GB of internal memory. Roughly speaking, that means you can’t store many games on your console before it fills up, leaving you with barely two options: delete games (no way!), or buy a micro SD card for Nintendo Switch and insert it into your console, increasing the Get one with 128GB or more so you can use it for several years.

You can still buy games on cartridges, but some of the games need extra storage, and indie games on Nintendo’s eShop are only available via download that can wait up your memory space, so just pop it in, and forget about it, then start downloading as many games as you want. If you get one on sale, make sure to buy Class 10 and at least XC 1.

SD cards are relatively cheaper now, so you can pick up a decent amount of storage for nearly the price of a new Switch game. The SanDisk cards are reliable, offer good value for money, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes, so experts recommend it. The pitfall with MicroSD cards is they’re too tiny, and hence they tend to get lost, especially when you’re frequently swapping them in and out of your Switch. Just get one with a plethora of storage, and you’ll never have to take it out of your Switch.

3. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This is one of the must-have items. Probabilities are way too high that you’re going to carry your Switch with you on an outdoor trip at some point. When you do that, its screen will scratch, and you’ll hate yourself a little every time you look at the mark on its screen. Lots of gamers are using this screen protector, and it doesn’t bubble. It will also guard your screen against the Switch TV Dock, which has scratched some Switch owners’ screens.

4. Travel Carrying Case

Even with the screen protector on, it’s just easier to put your Switch in a carrying case when you go on trips. This case comes highly rated and holds extra games, cables, and even controllers in one tidy package. A Nintendo Switch case is an absolutely essential accessory as well. The unique characteristic of Switch is that it’s an indoor console that can (and should) be carried out with you to be played wherever you go.  But the world is a precarious place for gadgets, and it’s very easy to lose a JoyCon, crack a screen, or scuff the surface of your expensive console. So, get this carry case, to dodge all those bad things in your way.

Furthermore, it’s one of the sturdiest cases ever, and it stores way more than most of its market competitors. Whereas most cases offer the space to carry your Switches and cartridges around, this one has dedicated pockets for Joy-Cons and extra other leads so that you can take spare battery packs and chargers along with you, and even headphones. The value for money is well worth too, so this is the case you need if you think protecting your Switch is your utmost priority and you want your every piece of accessory in one place.

5. PowerA Hybrid Cover

Screen protectors create a glossy surface to your Switch display, which is not ideal for a compact gaming gadget. To keep the display protected when this gadget is not connected to its dock should be handled the same way we treat any other handheld device with a marvelous folio case. This folio can cover the display when not in use and allow the Switch to have a few more options when in its kickstand mode for on-the-go gameplay. If you tend to travel a lot with your Switch, this accessory could be just perfect for keeping your valuables safe.

6. Game Card Case

If you want to buy heaps of the Switch Game Cards, you can either keep the games stockpiled in their not-quite-pocketable cases, or you can look into a $10 Game Card Case that allows you to store your whole gaming archive in one compact place. HORI makes a thin Game cartridge Case that holds 24 games, which should take you a little while to fill up. Plus, it has space for your memory cards too, just in case you need to swap.

7. Nintendo Switch TV Dock Set

If you have a 2nd TV or a specific location you want to play Switch on, consider buying an official Nintendo Switch TV Dock. It’s best to buy the real deal—there were reports of third-party docks bricking Switches, and it’s difficult to know if any of them will be compatible with future firmware updates from Nintendo. Though it costs more, it’s worth the peace of mind, let alone the added advantage.

8. Adjustable Charging Stand

If you’ve already used your Switch’s kickstand, you already know how thin, breakable, and non-adjustable it is. Almost anyone who spends serious time gaming in tabletop mode would prefer something a little sturdier that can tilt for supreme comfort. This stand does both, and as a plus, it can charge your Switch as you play it.

9. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Charging Dock

The only way you will be able to charge your Joy-Con controllers once out of the box is by sliding them back onto your Switch, and the Pro controller requires a USB-C cord. This dock from Nyko will charge all of them simultaneously. Nyko chargers worked pretty well in the past. If you’re planning to buy a Pro Controller, you may also get the excellent charging dock Nyko makes for you. Typically, the Pro Controller charges via USB-C, but this dock offers you a bunch of magnetic pins instead. You can simply drop the Controller in the dock when you don’t use it (it looks like a gorgeous showpiece in your living room while on the dock), and that way it’s always charged as soon as you need it.

10. Extra Cartridge Holder

Not happy with the HORI card cases? And you just want to have an add-on that will hold all of your games and also slides easily on and off right the back of your docking station? Then this one is for you! Available in black or red in two sizes. Rather than using the cases or one of those binders, just keep your favorite games attached directly to the TV dock!

11. Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Don’t forget to disconnect your AC adapter from the dock before traveling with your Switch, if you can reach it in the mess of cables behind your TV stand. Or you could just buy an additional charging cable to keep it in your bag all the times.

The Nintendo Switch already comes with one of these bad boys in the box, but you’ll probably want to leave that AC adapter plugged into your dock at home. When you’re about to go outdoor, that battery is going to start draining, so if you don’t normally carry a USB plug around for your phone and just want the USB C cable on its own, this is probably a good accessory to get the electric juice on when you’re on the go.

12. Portable Charger

The Nintendo Switch gets anywhere from 3 to 6 hours of battery life. It’s not too less for a portable game like Breath of the Wild, but there’s a good chance that it’ll run out of charge while you are in your mid-flight unless you’re packing some kind of good portable battery pack. You will have to ensure you get the right one though – if you pick up anything with an output lower than 5V 3A, your console will continue to lose charge even if it’s plugged in with the battery pack. Getting your gadget recharging from a battery pack will definitely be slower than plugging your Switch into a wall or dock, but if you’ve got no other alternatives, a good portable charger should do nicely in a pinch. Handy for your mobiles too.

13. Battery Pack

Playing on the go is full of fun until your Switch’s battery dies. But you can keep the fun going if you have an extra battery pack, it can even charge your phone or iPad whenever they need juice, and an outlet is nowhere in sight.

14. Nintendo Switch Car Charger

You will need a charge if you’re taking this thing with you on a long road trip, and this car charger will do the job well. The 2m cable should be long enough to reach you all the way in the back seat unless you are in a limousine.  If you’re on a road trip, sometimes there’s no option but a cigarette lighter charging adapter. Though the newer cars companies don’t even acknowledge that these ports used to be for cigarettes, but either way, this AmazonBasics USB-C car charger could work great for you and your Switch. It has a 1-year warranty too.

15. HDMI Dock Adapter

Connecting the Switch to a TV is still a bit difficult than it should be. The included dock is little more than an overvalued USB-C to HDMI adapter. You may already expect that third-parties made a version that’s just a cable and a little more portable. Well, they really did. However, the official dock uses a patented system that Nintendo’s not sharing with anybody. Informal docks have to use workarounds to be compatible, and while the results sometimes work, some third-party choices are getting varied reviews. This is one accessory that would be really convenient, but you should not buy it without checking around to make sure it works properly. Especially since many of them are either nearly as expensive as the official dock or shady.

16. USB Type C cable

Some cable makers have thankfully opted to use USB C for charging, instead of using its own proprietary tech, making it lot easier to find wires you can actually use. This USB Type C cable is cheap, and very useful if you’re on the go with a standard USB charging plug, you can just wire in wherever you want and not have to worry about anything battery-related coming between you and the other side of Hyrule.

17. Headphones

Many Switch games have fantastic audio effects and soundtracks, but if you don’t have a good headphone and the only audio output you have is the Switch’s tiny built-in speakers, you’ll definitely miss out on a lot. These highly recommended headphones sound great and come in a variation of colors.

Some of The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

Whether you utilize it for portable gaming or keep it docked and connected to your TV for console-style gaming, Nintendo’s Switch is truly amazing as well as very unique console. In both modes, you may want the best accessories available to get the most out of your Switch. These accessories pick of mine will engage you to play longer, download even more games, and finally get all those moons in Super Mario Odyssey. If you’re not done with your Switch shopping, check out my roundup of the best Switch accessories for more Nintendo action.

Apart from the above mentioned 15 must-have accessories, you can try out some of the best ones described below.

1. Power’s Officially Licensed Comfort Grip

This is an outstanding upgrade to the Joy-Con grip that comes with the original Switch box. The PowerA version adds rubberized handles to it, and the grip is a little wider, which makes holding the controller more comfortable. Some users complaints that the Joy-Cons don’t fit well and might get scuffed while inserting them into the Comfort Grip, but most of the users didn’t actually run into any issues similar to that. On top of the standard black, there are a few options branded with games—Breath of the Wild, Minecraft, and Super Mario Odyssey—for a bit of higher price.

2. Nintendo Switch LAN Adaptor

The future of the gameplay would be entirely wireless, we know that, but we’re not there yet. If you want to have a faster internet connection or your wireless just isn’t doing the business, this USB to ethernet port adaptor lets you plug right in for speedy downloads and multiplayer gaming.

3. Joy-Con Wheel Pair

Want to have the feel of a true Need for Speed the next time you go head-to-head along with your friends in Mario Kart 8: Deluxe? Having a real wheel to play with lets you get the feel, allowing you to seriously steer around track corners in a way that will make you remember of the famous kart racer’s Wii outing. The cool thing about Nintendo Switch is that it comes with two Joy-Con controllers out of the box. Simply slide off both Joy-con, insert them into these two lovely plastic wheels and be ready to ignite your engines.

4. Nintendo Labo Cardboard Kits

Neither it is technically an accessory, not it’s technically a straight-up game. All of us love it, so they just added it! The Labo Variety Kit comes with five cardboard accessories you build. The larger Labo Robot Kit is also a lot of fun.

5. Bluetooth Audio Adapter

What if the Switch is docked to your TV dock and you’re more than 10 feet away on your bed? Here’s come this device handy, thanks to a software update released last year that added USB audio support, you can use Bluetooth headphones via a USB Bluetooth audio adapter.

Once you have plugged in the adapter into the USB-A port on the back of the Switch’s dock and paired your headphones, audio is muted on the console automatically and sent through the adapter right to your headphones. The adapter with three separate sets of Bluetooth headphones was used at different times, and it sent the Switch’s audio to tester’s headphones with no noteworthy audio lag. Unlike a computer or smartphone, the Switch has no on-screen Bluetooth-pairing prompt, so you may press the pairing buttons on the adapter and your headphones a few times before they started linking up between each other. But the real drawback to a Bluetooth adapter is that you will have to unplug the adapter to restore audio to your TV.

6. Joy-Con Charging Dock Station

It can be one of your biggest pain when your controller runs out of power. To keep your Joy-Cons with battery juice with this charging station all you have to do is drop them in, and they’ll go from zero to full charge in just 4 hours. It supports up to four Joy-Cons at a time, so you’ll always be ready to get your game on.

7. Joy-Con Charging Grip

The Joy-Con Grip in the box could be so helpful at making your Joy-Cons look like a cute little puppy when you slide them in, but what it doesn’t do is recharge your precious controllers. For that you’ll need a Charging Grip, so you can send precious electricity into your pads while you play. It’s absolutely worth the price to make sure the Joy-Cons are ready to slide onto the Switch screen and head out the door with you.

8. Fastenal Joy-Con Grips

If you face difficulties playing with the Joy-Cons in a horizontal position. Or if you feel not comfortable because of their small size. Adding a grip can help. The Fastenal Joy-Con Grips are the best for average to large hands. The SL and SR buttons are big enough and situated in a position. That they fall directly under your index fingers while holding the grip. They feel a bit fragile but are far better than trying to press the small buttons on the Joy-Con.

9. Nintendo Joy-Con Controller Strap

The base Nintendo Switch only comes packed with a black strap for your Joy-Con Controller. But Nintendo is separately selling various colored ones. It is for those who would like to have the strap matching with their red and blue colored Joy-Cons. Putting this color customization aside, these are also worth for the extra safety. Especially if you frequently use your Switch with a friend who’s known for their butter fingers.

The pitfall is that Nintendo is only selling a single strap per pack. Which is a bit stingy considering most interested parties will want at least two (one for each Joy-Con). Still, these small but handy accessories are indeed beautiful to have.

10. HORI Compact Playstand

Though the Nintendo Switch has its personal little kickstand. Based on the exterior, it can be hard to get the angle correctly. That’s where this Hori PlayStand comes in. It allows you to fine-tune your viewpoint according to the best perspective when you play. And it provides a much stronger stand to boot. The most significant advantage to the Hori PlayStand is that it doesn’t block the charge port. You’ll enjoy Switch tabletop gaming without ever dropping the power. Even when on the go it folds up for extra movability. So you can just pop it in a bag. Go and pop out of the bag and can start playing your switch.

11. Mumba Nintendo Switch case

Most Nintendo Switch cases emphasis exclusively on shielding your base device (Switch) at all costs. While Mumba’s premium design thrives in that criteria, it’s also one of the few which caters just as efficiently to user-friendliness.

Rather than locking your Switch away in some weighty bag. Mumba has come up with something which lets you keep playing your Switch in a relaxing mood. While it’s being kept safe from any bruises or bumps.

12. Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Splat Pack

Enjoy a full home-console experience anytime and anywhere with this Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Splat Pack. It was released last year in August. This pack contains a Splatoon 2 design soft pouch, two Splatoon 2 analog caps, and squid game card case.

13. Light Up Dock Shield by PDP

Light-up docks come in styles with vivid colors from both Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. If you invite friends over for game night, they’ll immediately know that you did not mean Settlers of Catan.

14. Dock Sock Sleeve Cover with Microfiber Backing

These things are selling on Amazon like hot cake now, with tons of smart fabric options. You could even make one by yourself if you have the skill and time. But for the price, these are a fast way to add some style to your Switch.

15. Red Grip (also Stand)

Love how portable Joy-Cons are, but anytime you can get away with it you grab for a Pro Controller instead. Printed grips are very much cheaper. And it makes holding the Switch a little more relaxed and comfortable for those with bigger hands.

Controller Gear Skin & Screen Protector Set

  • Officially licensed and authentic by Nintendo, specially made for Nintendo Switch
  • Scratch resistant, easy on & off, leaves no filtrate, accurate fit
  • Doesn’t Hinder with Sensors or Buttons, Superior 3M skin material independently tested and approved
  • Press. Perfect.
  • Made in the USA

PDP Premium Travel Case

In case your Switch is traveling with you for an extended period of time. You will want a full travel case so then it can stick with you inside a larger bag. The official Nintendo-made case allows you to store your Switch with a Joy-Con. And it gives a 3DS-style elastic holster that can store up to 14 game cards. It also has a microfiber cleaning cloth in it. Which probably has the Switch logo on it somewhere.

Multiplayer Pro Case by WaterField Designs

When it comes to premium cases for precious things. WaterField Design has got the market covered as far as portable Nintendo Switch consoles go. Just like its earlier versions, the cases offer superb quality. And they are as durable as you’re ever going to need. With the CitySlicker once again proving that if a design works. It doesn’t require any changing. Except for making it big enough for some of the Switch’s extra accessories.

This case can carry the switch inside another case or cover. The pouch for the Switch is large enough. Can hold a pro controller and dock, as well as all the necessary cables. The case isn’t bulky, so it will easily fit inside larger bags or suitcases if needed. The case just looks so good. It has a great professional look to it.

Tomtoc Slim Case

The Tomtoc Slim Case is one of the best ways to take your Switch on the road. This case highlights the hardiest construction than any case in the market. It’s got easy-to-use zippers and long-lasting. And it goes with the Switch like a hand glove. The game flap houses up to eight cartridges and lays over the screen to protect it during transportation. The unique design also guarantees that you’ll always know which side of the case is “up” when you open it. But the pitfall is, it doesn’t have room for the charger or any extra accessories.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Lunchbox Kit

The Super Mario Odyssey collectible lunchbox kit (“Character Splash” Edition) exclusively for Nintendo Switch users is officially licensed and one-of-a-kind. Super Mario collectors and fans would just love the classic style Lunchbox Tin and matching Joy-Con Comfort Grip. Just slide in each Joy-Con to make one relaxed grip at home and on-the-go. Screen protector, Earbuds, applicator, and Super Mario Odyssey cleaning cloth are included too.

What’s in the box

  • Collectible “Character Splash” Edition Lunchbox Tin
  • Super Mario Odyssey Joy-Con Comfort Grip
  • Super Mario Odyssey Cleaning Cloth
  • Screen Protector
  • Earbuds
  • Applicator

Nyko Kick Stand for Nintendo Switch

Tailor your Nintendo Switch™ with Kick Stand Multi-Pak from Nyko. The Multi-Pak comprises 3 replacement kickstands with three different colors. And it has an extra microSD™ card can be stored inside of them. Installation of Kick Stand is simple and snaps right into place – no tools required.

Zelda Breath of the Wild – Sheikah Eye

This is a gorgeous Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case. Unfortunately, it was recently discontinued by the Manufacturer. But you may look for it on Amazon if you are lucky you can still get a brand new one.

Poké Ball Plus

The Poké Ball Plus is a Poké Ball-shaped device that can be used to play Pokémon: Let’s GoPikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! in place of your Joy-Con. You’ll be able to throw Poké Balls in-game with a flick of your wrist! You can use it to catch your favorite Pokémon GO characters. Similar to the way the wrist-worn Pokémon GO Plus works. In addition to having motion controls, the device also plays sounds, vibrates, and lights up with a variety of colors. Coming November 16 this year and available for preorder now.

Some of the Best Extra Controllers

The Nintendo Switch already comes with two controllers if you hold the Joy-Con sideways. But with a console so focused on local multiplayer, the more controllers, the happier the teenagers are. Meanwhile, if you’re dying for a controller with a little more substance, you should probably pick up a Pro Controller. However, you could pick up a third-party controller instead, if you want to save some cash. But be aware those tend to ditch extra features like HD Rumble, motion controls, and NFC scanning.

Joy-Con Pair

There is already one pair of Joy-Con in the package for your Switch. But let’s confront it. You’re going to want more, and they come in different colors! While you can hand one Joy-Con to your companion for multiplayer action. Having a pair will make an enormous difference to your experience. And this means you can even enlist two more friends for some four-player gaming action.

8bitdo SN30 Pro controller

It is Plotted on the iconic SNES gamepad. If you want a pro controller with a retro-chic artistic controller. Then the 8bitdo SN30 Pro is an excellent option. The manufacturer re-released the little peripheral lately to make it wholly Switch compatible. It has a Home button and a screenshot button and complete with dual analog sticks. Sculpted buttons intend the little pad fits neatly into your hand and feels like an official controller. It’s wireless as well, of course, so you can still enjoy big-screen gaming without feeling fastened. It’s a must for long-term Nintendo lovers looking to bring nostalgia to Ninty’s newest console.

8bitdo F30 controller

In case you want to go remarkably retro, then the 8bitdo F30 gamepad is for you. It is not only cheaper but based on the Famicon pad it holds its gold and burgundy superiority.  It might not have all the essential buttons. You have to devise a bit for the home button and even power. But there’s no getting away from the fact it’s utterly charming. Several members of the GR+ office actually cooed over its little form and stunning aesthetics. It’s deliciously retro and affordable to boot.

Splatoon 2 Pro Controller

Look at this! And you thought the Pro Controller looked great in entirely black? Well, unless you’re a Batman, this lovely Splatoon 2 offering will definitely appeal to you over the black Pro one. Just look at how colorful it is. Including one side pink and one side green, this is the most excellent and sweet looking Switch accessory ever. And you can even get Joy-Cons to match with its vibrant colors. Just like the standard version, the Pro Controller has motion controls. It is built in Amiibo technology and HD rumble-ready to go. So, if you get bored with the full-black color of the earlier Pro. Try this one to get rid of your boredom in no time!

PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller Plus (Mario Classic)

PowerA’s fashionable line of Switch controllers taste great, and they’re a portion of the price of Nintendo’s Pro Controller. The Nintendo Switch is incredible, but it does have some drawbacks. The Joy-Con controllers, for example, have little thumbsticks. That feels less like quality Nintendo sticks and more like the minuscule ones on the PlayStation Vita. The PowerA Wired Controller felt simple and satisfactory shortly. It’s difficult to see much wrong with the PowerA wired controller. It feels luxurious, looks dazzling and plays great. Although wired controllers have their drawbacks, the overall quality and value of the PowerA controller make it a must-buy. It feels so good; you will make a mistake if you hand it over to any of your younger siblings while playing Mario Kart. Just don’t lose that cable. The buttons feel like those of an official Nintendo controller, which is saying a lot.

When anyone says the Nintendo Switch is great for video games. You don’t have to take those words for granted anymore. One can grab one of Nintendo’s console hybrids for yourself. You can check if their words are true if you haven’t yet. And if a store has them in their stock. You’d get the Switch tablet, two Joy-Con controllers, dock, and the Joy-Con grip out the box. To be honest, that’s pretty enough to get you going with your new Nintendo Switch. Plenty of additional Switch accessories aren’t essential as they might seem in general. However, they are looks so beautiful yet cheap and easy to use.

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Annotate and markup PDF files

Give your remark and sign your PDF documents. Edit PDF annotation; Highlight your choices, Underline, Mark PDF content.


PDFescape has some limitations while using the free version. The Free version allows you to do the editing and sharing, but there is a restriction in numbers or how many times you’re allowed to use it.

  • Maximum file size 10MB.
  • Maximum pages per file 100 pages
  • Recent File history 7 Days
  • Maximum stored files 10 Files
  • Other restrictions
  • Editing PDFs on your desktop
  • Editing existing text & images
  • Merge multiple PDFs is not permitted
  • Converting PDFs to text or image are not allowed
  • Extract pages are not allowed
  • Insert page numbers, headers, footers, and watermarks are not allowed
  • Compress and reduce the size of PDFs are not allowed
  • 256-bit encryption and password protection are not provided
  • Creating advanced PDF forms is not allowed
  • Electronic signatures and certificate signing are not allowed
  • Erasing content from a PDF is not allowed

PDFescape Premium

Premium version has advanced facilities than a free version. The main feature is Ad Free attribute which enables the user to work seamlessly.

PDF desktop feature allows Editing, Filling and saving PDF forms, creating necessary PDF forms online. Reviewing and annotating PDF documents, keeping the work to PDFescape servers, Printing and saving as PDF with no watermarks. Downloading modified files to your computer.

Creating and Filling forms

Bulk up PDF forms using existing form fields or use the text tool. Essential PDF field calculation and formatting support. Basic PDF field technique supported.

Quickly rotate to and from another field.

Editing PDF

Adding text, shaping, whiteout and more to your PDF files. Cropping, moving, deleting and insert PDF pages with links to other PDF pages or WEB content and changing tags, encrypting contents, Adding images, Scan signature with signed PDF documents.

Sharing PDF Documents

Only registered users can share PDFescape link which will be provided by PDFescape. You need to enable the ‘sharing’ option then you can share the document. You can also tell others to make changes or editing your PDF.

Annotate and markup PDF files

Give your remark and sign your PDF documents. Edit PDF annotation; Highlight your choices, Underline, Mark PDF content.


PDFescape premium has some limitations as well. Premium version will not allow you to do some advance work and sharing.

  • Publishing Forms and collecting responses are not allowed.
  • Maximum file size 40MB.
  • Maximum pages per file 1000 pages.
  • Recent File history 30 Days.
  • Maximum stored files 100 Files.

Other restrictions

  • 256-bit encryption and password protection are not provided.
  • Creating advanced PDF forms is not allowed.
  • Electronic signatures and certificate signing are not allowed.
  • Erasing content from a PDF is not allowed.


Pricing in premium feature varies for monthly or yearly basis. You need to pay 5.99/month for yearly, price 2.99/month. You can evaluate the premium features for seven days for a trial period

PDFescape Ultimate

Ultimate version has all the facilities. It has no expiration on recent file history or other restrictions on using the software.


Pricing in the last feature varies for a monthly or yearly basis. You need to pay 5.99/month for annual rate or 8.99/month for monthly basis. You can evaluate the Ultimate features for seven days for a trial period.

PDFescape Publishing

PDFescape PDF publishing let you bring out a PDF file for your customers to access online, given that additional features and PDF configuration options and offering supreme control over PDF files online.

Example Uses

Share out PDF forms and gather responses using email (no software is necessary!).

Share PDF contents with no software requirements or access file at once.

Allow PDF form filling tools are not originated in Adobe Reader such as remark using uploaded image.

State compact permissions than offered in Adobe Reader, prevent changes, printing, text selection, and even file downloading.

Publishing Overview

Through the PDF publishing facilities available in PDFescape Ultimate, you can upload & share PDF files that your beneficiary can access online with no download required. Once you upload a PDF to be published, you’ll be provided with a link to the PDF file on the PDFescape servers which you can then distribute on your website, in emails or other media.

PDFescape publishing provides you access to extra features and PDF configuration options for superior control over your published PDF files. These advanced access control actions let you state the exact characteristics of PDFescape which your users are permitted to use. You can even exclude users from ever receiving a PDF copy of your document, serving to guard your web content.

Your published PDFs can be hosted, or they can be full PDF forms, filled and submitted to you using email when completing. Visitors of the PDF via this link will be capable of filling out and modifying the PDF file with no need to buy or download any PDF software. You can set which tools your customers should choose and not to choose. You can even identify whether your customers are allowed to export the PDF or if they have an option to “submit it” sending a copy of the filled out form to you using email.

Key Features

  • Enable Your Customers
  • Permit customers to analyze and fill out PDF forms online without installing software
  • No per user or peruse fees
  • No user calculation limit
  • Decide which tools your customers can use
  • Your customers pay nothing

Enable Your Forms

  • Permit form submit on your PDF documents
  • Get your document email to you upon completion

Protect Your PDFs

PDF files published to PDFescape can be excluded from downloading or printing Protect your PDF content by never given that the actual PDF file to users in the first place

How to publish forms with PDFescape?

Create your pdf form

You can add form fields to PDF files using several applications and services. You should either add your form fields using Adobe Acrobat Pro, PDFescape Online or PDFescape desktop for pc. To attach form fields using PDFescape Online, just

  • Open the PDF in
  • Use the “Form Field” Tool.
  • Once you have completed your form design,
  • Click File – Save As and
  • Save your PDF to your desktop.
  • PDFescape maintains text, checkbox, radio, list, and combo (drop down) form fields at this time.

Sign up for a publishing plan

  • Log into your account,
  • Click on “Publish,”
  • “Publish New PDF.”

Whether your plan doesn’t allow publishing or has gone beyond the number of published documents permitted in PDFescape will inform you at this point and give you an opportunity to upgrade.

Get your PDF uploaded

When in the document publishing area of your account, upload your form from your local computer.

Be patient as this upload may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the size of your PDF form.

Linking to and customizing your PDF

When your upload is finished, you can change several settings according to how your PDF form will be sent to you on completion.

Moreover, here you can access links for your PDF file. These links will link easily to your data on the PDFescape servers. Use links to post on your website, in your emails, or in other digital content.

There are no extra charges for each view, submission or users and your PDF form will have a secure, across the reachable world home.

PDFescape Premium features explanation

Edit, Create and convert PDF files

While PDFescape Basic will be free forever, PDFescape Premium & Ultimate consist of PDFescape Desktop features for advanced PDF editing functionality on your Windows® PC. PDFescape Desktop gives you

  • Pro tools to directly edit PDFs
  • Merge documents
  • Convert to Word, and more

Edit Text and images

PDFescape Desktop formulates

  • Easy to alter text & images in your PDF
  • Change fonts, or highlight, underline, & cross out the book
  • Annotation & markup tools include free text & freehand drawing tools, shapes, sticky notes, and more
  • Give your documents professional look by adding bookmarks and hyperlinks, watermarks & letterhead

Merge PDFs

Merge PDFs, crop, rotate, delete & extract pages, and more! PDFescape Desktop is what you need to edit PDFs.

Create and Convert

PDFescape Desktop is a dominant suite of tools counting a PDF converter and maker as well.

  • PDFs creating from printable files,
  • Scan to PDF or creating PDFs from images.
  • Convert PDFs to Word file, Excel, HTML, or image formats. PDFescape Desktop with a variety of tools for arranging documents, merging PDFs, inserting blank pages, importing pages straightly from another PDF, re-arrange pages or take out a page into a new blank PDF.
  • Pages can be cropped or deleted, and page sizes can be in sync on the fly.

Sign and Certify

PDFescape Desktop + PDFescape Ultimate is the definitive paperless solution. By the signing tool, your documents can be signed with a single click of the mouse.

Secure and Protect

PDFescape Desktop + PDFescape Ultimate provides several tools for securing & shielding your PDFs. Protect your outbound PDFs with up to 256-bit banking-grade encryption with password security for the ultimate.

System Requirements

  • OS Windows®7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor Pentium III or equivalent
  • Memory / RAM 1 GB
  • Disk Space 100 MB or freer

Internet connection is essential for version updates, activation, to download paid-for features, and for online services. Microsoft Office is obligatory for plug-in use & conversion to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

PDFescape Sharing

Registered PDFescape users can distribute a read-only copy of a PDF document in their account with new users via a simple link. If the document has distribution enabled, anybody with this link can view (but not modify), download, and print a copy of the report in its recent state. You can put sharing on and off using the “Share” button on the top of the PDFescape user interface.

Important Limitations

Changes prepared to your PDF will only be seen by your viewers when their page refreshes. When you delete or let run out the shared PDF document, those with whom it was shared will no longer be capable of viewing it Users will not be able to edit your documents.

How to License the Volume?

PDFescape Enterprise let your organization to sign up for several PDFescape Premium and Ultimate memberships under one invoice. Organizations with as few as five users meet the criteria for discounts.

Sign up Process

Login to PDFescape and go to https//

Select an Enterprise name and size
Note When you make yourself the admin of an Enterprise, this cannot be undone. Otherwise, the admin account will function as a standard PDFescape account and access to membership benefits.

Click the ‘Manage Users’ button. Here you can invite other users to join the Enterprise.
Note At this time, a user should first create his sub-account at https//

If you’re content with your Enterprise size and ready to add a membership, click the ‘Upgrade Membership’ button. You can use a credit card to pay for the group. Please contact Red Software to give payment in other ways.

Volume Discount Level


Users Discount
5+ 10%
10+ 15%
25+ 20%
50+ 25%
100+ 30%
250+ 35%


Direct ASP.NET integration(H3)


As the most feature complete HTML based PDF viewer, editor, and form filler for ASP.NET, RAD PDF offers a flexible so far great substitute to common PDF solutions. Unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader, RAD PDF operates in almost any modern web browser without software or plugins.

Integrating into a straight line with ASP.NET, you can use RAD PDF to manage PDF content access, to settle PDF forms dynamically, and to make possible PDF modifications. RAD PDF offers excellent tools to analyze and edit PDF files both client-side and server-side.

Whether you make use of the built-in web browser border or execute your own by the extensive developer API, RAD PDF is ready “out of the box” for introduce and enterprise use similar. Scalable and secure, the technology behind RAD PDF has been exposed to millions of real web users in our free PDF editor, PDFescape.


  • Web Browser Based PDF Reader
  • Client-Side PDF Editor
  • Feature Rich PDF Form Filler
  • Interactive PDF Form Designer
  • Protect & Secure PDF Content
  • Integrate PDF into Your Workflow
  • Enterprise Ready ASP.NET Control


No Plugins Required!

Supported Browsers
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari
Server Requirements
  • Windows Server
  • IIS Running NET
Some Features
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Web Browser based PDF Reader

Compatible with 99% of internet browsers on Microsoft WindowsMac OS X, & Linux, RAD PDF allows you to arrange your solution without daunting extra requirements.

Not merely a PDF to HTML converter, RAD PDF natively supports the most frequently used PDF features.

  • Rotate, scroll and zoom PDF pages
  • PDF thumbnail, bookmark and link support
  • Open, save, download and print PDF documents
  • Search PDF text for terms and keywords with ease
  • Select document text and copy PDF content to the clipboard.

Client-Side PDF Editing & Annotating

Further, then a PDF reader, RAD PDF provides web applications with a browser-based PDF editor and PDF annotator. Features not even available in Adobe Acrobat Reader can be selectively enabled and disabled to provide advanced PDF functionality.

  • Add, crop, move & delete PDF pages
  • Add text, whiteout & more to PDF files
  • Annotate PDF files with markup and sticky notes
  • Change PDF document information tags
  • Linking to other PDF pages or web content
  • Insert and remove bookmarks (PDF outlines)
  • Encrypt PDF contents using a password
  • Add images to PDF files via direct upload or server-side
  • Customize tools with dynamic content & server-side integrations

Feature Rich PDF Form Filler

By enabling PDF form filling & PDF form saving in a straight line in the web browser, RAD PDF users can utilize PDF form fields without worrying about having the right software installed.

  • Fill out PDF forms by using existing form fields or use the Text tool
  • CheckCombo(drop-down), ListRadio, & Text field types supported
  • Tab from field to field for rapid form completion
  • Built-in support for field calculations, format, & style
  • Prefill PDF form data & capture entered information
  • Free of Adobe Reader & LiveCycle licensing fees.

Interactive PDF Form Designer

  • Facilitate the design of new PDF forms and change of existing PDF forms using an online graphical user interface.
  • Add new PDF form fields to several PDF files
  • Style PDF form fields (font, size, color)
  • Adjust or delete existing PDF form fields
  • Modify fields beyond the requirements (moving, resizing, etc.)
  • Put together user actions (clicks, changes, etc.) with your application

Protect & Secure PDF Content

Unlike many PDF protection tools, RAD PDF allows your users to view a PDF without needing to install a plugin and without any client-side access to the document itself. By simply displaying an interactive illustration of the PDF content, your PDF document can remain secure on your server.

Prevent direct PDF access while still allowing viewing

Limit or disable printing, document searching, & text extraction

Selectively enable or disable modification tools

Integrate PDF into Your Workflow

Instead of relying on PDF documents to load correctly in a “black box” like Adobe Reader, RAD PDF allows you to implement custom workflows and design a unique customer interaction with PDF documents. Our customers use RAD PDF to accomplish countless tasks including,

  • Save & reopen partially completed PDF forms
  • Pre-fill PDF form data using
  • Control PDF content usage
  • Lock PDF form field values or object locations
  • Add timestamps or user signatures from a server repository
  • Customize & localize text in the client interface
  • Intercept internal events.

Enterprise Ready ASP.NET Control

Hosted entirely on your server, RAD PDF does not rely on any particular client software or third-party web services or content. Direct ASP.NET integration.

Web Forms equipped, but not reliant, RAD PDF uses in both Web Forms, and MVC based ASP.NET applications with just a few lines of code as shown in our Interactive Demo.

Developing the technology relied upon by millions in PDFescape, RAD PDF’s performance, security, and dependability is tried and true. Construct with scalability in mind; RAD PDF does not require niggling ASP.NET features like session or caching variables. A .NET based solution, it has native 32-bit (x86) & 64-bit (x64) support.

License pricing and purchasing

RAD PDF Licensing and Pricing

  • Developer License requires 299$ per machine.
  • Production License requires 2,999$ per server.
  • All licenses are permanent (one-time fee) & include a 3 month maintenance plan.
  • For deployments requiring more than 4 Production Licenses, please contact Red Software for discounted volume pricing. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD).


Maintenance Plan Pricing

  • Developer License requires 74.75$ per machine.
  • Production License requires 749.75$ per server.
  • These plans provide a licensee with continuous access to technical support and product upgrades if renewed earlier plan expiration. If you wish to reactivate your Maintenance Plan after your program has expired, a 50% surcharge to the above pricing will apply.
  • For volume discounts, contact Red Software.
  • You can use licenses without an active Maintenance Plan. However, support and product updates will not be provided.

Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates

If you’re new to ice skating, you must be wondering which skates should you choose first, a figure skates or a hockey skates. These two skates are different in shapes and features of the blades. Figure skates are designed with longer and straighter blades while hockey skates are shorter and curved.

It’s tough to decide which skates to start with in your skating journey. Choosing the right one can help you master skating easily. Also it can be dangerous for your kids if you choose the wrong one for them. Hence it’s very important to know the differences between figure skates and hockey skates.

These two have their own advantages and disadvantages. They also have their own fan line. You have to choose a skate according to your need.

We will tell you about the differences between a figure skate and a hockey skate.

Figure Skates Vs Hockey Skates

Design: You can recognize a figure skate only by looking at its blade. The blade has a toe pick that makes it look different from hockey skates. This blade is used by picking into the ice while jumping.

On the other hand, Hockey skate comes with a rigid boot that is made of plastic. This protects the skater’s feet from hard pucks, hockey sticks and other player’s skates. The blade of a hockey skate has more rocker as it is rounded upward at the front and at the rear.

Types: There are many types of figure skates and hockey skates on the market. Figure skates can be designed for freestyle, ice dancing and synchronized skating. Freestyle skates have longer blades than synchronized skating and ice dancing. This prevents one player’s skate to step on another player’s skate. Ice dancing skates have knee support to help with deeper knee bends.

Hockey sticks are designed for forwards, defensemen or goalies. Skates for forward are usually lighter so they can run fast with it while skates for defensemen are stiffier so the players can block the puck.

Skates for goalies are designed with a lower boot and wider blades. This helps the goalie to move side to side and block shots.

Size: Both figure and hockey skates should be bought at the smallest size that fits your feet well. Too big sized skates can cause poor performance and you might end up injuring yourself. These skates have sizes available for men, women and kids. Men skates and women skates have slight differences in the structure as women have smaller toes than men.

Which Skate A Beginner Should Start With?

Undoubtedly, a beginner should start with a figure skate. The shape of a figure skate blade is wider than the blade of a hockey skate. Wider blades provide the player with more comfort. Shop Top 12 best figure skates. A beginner might assume the toepick is used for stopping the skater which is not right. However, hockey skates are not recommended for Beginners Because they come with curved blades.

Starting with a hockey stakes might make you face some problems while moving to figure skates. It will be a lot more difficult to master the toepick task. Even if you want to play hockey, you better start it with a figure stakes as it will help with balance. If the player is young and playing on ice, hockey skates make it much tough for him to maintain the balance. A little mistake can make him fall. It will be easier for you to use hockey skates once you learn blade pushes with figure skates.

Final Thoughts

If you or your loved ones are about to learn ice skating or hockey, start it with figure skates. Because figure skates provide more comfort as well as safety. When there’s comfort and safety, you can learn anything faster. Anyway, you can shift to a hockey stakes when you learn how to skate properly. Moving from a figure stakes to a hockey stakes is an easy thing.

How to Install a Steam Shower

Steam has been a necessary part of different treatments for centuries. For example, we can say about inhaling steam that is useful to relieve your nose congestion. Taking a steam shower could give you many benefits. If you want to get the benefits from a warm shower, install a steam shower in your bathroom. Let’s see how to install a steam shower.

How to Install a Steam Shower?

Obviously it is an excellent idea to install a quality steam shower in your bathroom. The money that you invest for it couldn’t be compared to the health benefits of your whole family.

The process of installing a warm steam shower involves the electricians, plumbers and home professionals. Installing the shower is a little bit difficult but when all the work will be done properly, it becomes stress free and easy for you. In this blog, you will find the instruction about how to install a steam shower but before that you should know about the things that you need to consider before installing it.

Things to Consider

  1. Size and location:

The size of your steam shower should be big enough because you would sit and relax there. But it shouldn’t be very large because large shower exceeds more electricity than the regular electrical capacity. The ideal size is about 7-8 feet. The location of the shower is also very important thing to keep in mind and your steam shower should be located far from the outside walls.

  1. Skylight and windows:

To get good results, the skylight and windows shouldn’t be inside the steam room. If you want a window, just construct the window as high as possible from the. If you have a ceiling from where the skylight reaches, ask the manufacturer if they could supply a glass ceiling for your bathroom.

  1. Shower door:

The door of the shower should be sealed tightly but in the winter, the shower area becomes cold and you need to make the area dry. So, open the door for some time and let the cold away. Otherwise, set a transom on the door top to install heat.

  1. Location of the steam generator:

You should set the generator about 25 feet above from the shower. You would get the best result if the generator is located near the shower. You will need the power line and water line to operate the steam generator.

At last, it is the time to construct and design the steam shower. The quality, design and the materials are important parts of a good steam shower. The wall should consist of a vapor, cement, tile, grout and a backer board but it is totally your choice which methods and materials you will use.

Steps to Installing A Steam Shower

  1. Design the steam shower

Seat: You must set a seat in your shower room. You could choose a folding seat or a built in bench according to the space of your shower room. To let the water overflow, built in benches should be sloped.

Steam outlet and control: The steam outlet must be away from the seating area and the entrance for a comfortable and safe bath. But the control system should be located close to the seat as it could sense the heat in the shower room.

Ceiling sloping: it is not so effective to slope the ceiling and prevent dripping.  With a tiled ceiling, the water might drip at the edge and avoid travelling to the slope. If you decide sloping the ceiling, 1-inch slope on per foot is recommended. In a big steam shower, you need to slope the shower area below the bench.

  1. Choose the materials:

Temperature limit: The steam will be too hot and the temperature will be 212-degree F. You should consult with the manufacturer that which materials are useful and could bear this temperature and also ensure about the limit of the temperature.

Waterproofing: All surfaces including ceiling need to be protected from moisture. So, the materials must be waterproof.

Radiant heat and insulation: insulation of the interior wall is optional but for the exterior wall, it is a must. You shouldn’t over insulate the walls. During winter, radiant warmth in the wall and the floor helps taking out the cold.

Shower door: The door of your shower room must be sealed tightly on the top and both sides. Order a door that is designed specifically for a steam shower room.

  1. Installation

Replacing the bathtub: You need to remove your bathtub to install the steam shower unit. Just slide the unit into place and set it.

Drywall: Make sure that everything is dry because moisture could help growing mildew, molds or other damages. You could use an exhaust fan for the installation of the steam shower.

Steam generator: The shower unit should be GFCI protected and ensure that the electric and water supply is available there. Adjust the generator close to the seat and you might need an electrician to do this task.

Manual instruction: follow the instructions in the manual book that is given with the shower. For two-person unit, the assembly time should be two or three hours.

Water supply: Connect a cold water and a hot water supply because the unit needs them to feed the generator and shower head.

Drain the shower: You should have a flexible hose to drain the water and it needs to be connected with the shower unit.

Level the unit: Adjust leveling legs and level the shower unit. Generally, 7-10 legs could be adjusted to give you a stable base.

Finish the installation: You have to keep in mind that all the accessories you are using must be suitable and mold resistant. Install the shower door that you have already ordered. After finishing the task, let everything to dry and check whether you have connected everything correctly and the steam shower is working properly.

To conclude, a steam shower in its optimum condition could take your stress away and make your life easier. To get all necessary health benefits, you should set up a steam shower in your bathroom.

Brad Nailers Vs Finish Nailers – What Type Do You Need?

Are you interested to know about nail guns? If yes, you should know first that which nailer is better for you- finish nailer or brad nailer. Here is the solution to help you out of this confusion.

A nailer is such an important tool that you might need in your workshop for your projects. The look and size of the two nailer is quite similar that makes it difficult to choose one. There are some examples from which it would be easier to decide that which one is suitable for you.

What Is a Brad Nailer?

The brad nailer works like a nail gun but it doesn’t shoot nails actually rather it shoots brads. The brads are like a thin nail and has a gauge of 18 and in the cross-section 0.0475inches. The brads are small for nails. Many DIYers never used such thin and small nails probably. It is popular for setting up very thin finishing.

For example, if you have a thin trim, regular nails could break or crack the trim. To protect your trim, you should use the brad nailer. Moreover, it is easy keeping the nailer around you and helps you in the time of your need like gives the finishing touch to your woodworking project or carpentry or molding.

Pros and Cons of Brad Nailers:


  1. The brad nailer comes in 18 gauge that doesn’t split your trim.
  2. Perfect for fixing delicate moldings and trims.
  3. You could use it on smaller plywood and baseboards up to half inch.
  4. The ensuing hole would be very small that doesn’t need to fill.


  1. It is not the appropriate device to nail hard to touch tight spaces and corners.
  2. It couldn’t hold heavy wood, moldings and large boards.

What Is a Finish Nailer?

Finish nailers are quite similar to brad nailers. You might not use it always for your job but for some specific situations, it might be useful. Its strength is more than brad nailers and less than heavy duty guns. Finish nailers are used to accommodate nailers 1-2.5 inches in size.

Pros and Cons of Finish Nailers:


  1. They are bigger than brad nailers and comes in 15-16 gauge that holds high strength.
  2. They are handy and versatile for some works.
  3. They have an angle that helps reaching in tight space and corners.
  4. They are good for attaching large baseboards, crown molding, plywood, wood working or even building furniture.


  1. The resulting hole would be large and needs filling. Cover the hole or filling this could be extra work for a carpenter.
  2. They are not useful to fix narrow boards or thin trims.

Differences Between Finish Nailers and Brad Nailers

Now you have an idea about the similarities of this two types of nailers. You should keep this in mind that they are less powerful than other nail guns and are used for some specific purposes. So, don’t even think that they could be used for the same purpose. Here are the main differences between these two types.

Hole size: As you know already that both nailers gives you holes but in different sizes. The main thing is you have to cover the hole with putty in most of the holes but for brad nailers, it not true actually. Even you would need to fill putty in some cases like a thin or weak material, but usually you don’t have to do this extra work when using a brad nailer.

Nails: The high gauge number makes the cross section or the diameter small in size. In this case, finish nailers might be good as the gauge number is lower than brad nailers. Brad nailers shoot 18 gauge of nails where finish nailers offers you 15-16 gauge nails.

Power: By comparing these two nailer, finish nailers are more powerful. If you have a thick or heavy trim to put up, finish nailers are useful. Because brad nailers would be a risk for your trim and the wrong use might cause the molding or trim falling away from your wall. For driving the nail into a narrow trim, powerful finish nailers could be a hindrance.

Uses: The brad nailers wouldn’t crack or split the thin wood but finish nailers would. Thus, carpenters prefer to use brad nailers to work in the corner. They cause less harm than finish nailers but if you are going to use the nailer in some curved or angel place, finish nailers are the best.

Features and accessories: Before buying a nailer, you must check about their accessories and features. To save your energy and time, you should choose the nailer that have extra features and accessories. You have to think about the cost that arises when you buy the accessories.

Not much nailers come with extra accessories and features but the finish and brad nailers both have these extra things. Both of the nailers could save your money. So, you have to decide as per your needs.

Finally, I could say that you have gather all the information and understand the usage of both of the nailers. Just notice that what type of wood you are using for your woodworking project and select the right nailer for you.

Differences Between Application Software And System Software.

All computers have a virtual part known as software and another physical part known as hardware. Through the software, the user can perform a variety of different activities.

Basically, there are two types of software: application software and system software. Each with its different features and uses. Although both are very different, they also share certain similarities which sometimes make them difficult to differentiate.

In this article, you’ll learn the differences between application software vs system software and you’ll find some basic examples that will help you understand better.

Differences between Application Software and System Software

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering: what is the difference between application software and system software? Actually, the differences are many. But in many cases, unclear. As it happens with some application software that are part of other system software.

If you feel confused at this point, don’t worry. Here are the concepts of each software type so you better get the point.

What is Application Software?

It allows users to interact with hardware and perform specific functions such as:

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Calculating
  • Modeling
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Opening multimedia files

Application software uses advanced programming language, such as Visual Basic, Python, C++, Java and others. The application software functions are limited to those established on its programming.

Every application software needs system software to function. So, there’s a sine qua non relationship between both software types.

According to its purpose and output, application software can be classified into:

  • Application suite

It consists of a group of applications distributed as a single pack. Usually, different applications can interact and exchange data between each other. A practical example of an application suite is Microsoft Office.

  • Enterprise software

It’s the software with useful tools for large companies, allowing the exchange of data through different departments. It allows obtaining reports with numerical data in tabular form or represented through statistical graphs.

  • Departmental software

Departmental software is very similar to Enterprise software, but its basic tools are designed to be used by a specific department.

  • Application platform as a service

It’s a cloud service that allows managing, running and creating your own applications.

  • Information worker software

It allows creating and managing data related to small projects within a department. It includes all the basic tools that a worker may need to do his job. Things like word processors, email, spreadsheets and others.

  • Content access software

It’s the kind of software that allows you to access certain types of information without the editing option. For example, play multimedia content, open text documents in read-only mode or browse the Internet.

Media players, PDF readers and web browser are examples of content access software.

  • Educational software

It’s a type of content access software that only provides educational data. It’s mainly used for online education. It allows interaction between students and teachers, take exams remotely and evaluate the academic performance of each student.

  • Simulation software

This advanced software allows generating simulations based on a long data record. Simulation software is widely used by scientists to study some physical phenomena and make predictions.

  • Product engineering software

It’s used for the design and development of new software and hardware solutions. For example, those CAD programs used to model structures and mechanical parts.

  • Entertainment software

It’s the kind of software created to provide entertainment to users. For example, video games and media players.

What is System Software?

On the other hand, system software is much simpler than application software. It uses machine language code to control hardware and administrate system resources. It works as a background platform between the application software and the user.

System software is essential to run a computer and activate each of the hardware elements. These are some basic examples of system software:

  • Operating Systems

An Operating system is a computer program that allows the transfer of data between RAM and hard drives. In addition, it allows the rendering of data to convert it into images that are then displayed on a monitor.

  • Utility Programs

Utility programs are those that allow you to maintain, configure, analyze and optimize a computer. Usually, they run automatically and can perform important functions without requiring user intervention. Maintenance multi-tools and virus protection programs are some examples of utility programs.

  • Drivers

A driver is a computer program that controls a certain device attached to the computer. For example, a printer, a joystick, a graphics card, etc.

Drivers may come pre-installed inside the device or require further installation. In the first case, the driver is installed automatically after connecting the device. This method is very common in removable storage drives, such as Pendrives.

In the second case, the user needs to run a program to install the driver. The program can come inside a DVD or be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Some drivers include a user interface that allows you to configure several device functions at your convenience. Other drivers only work automatically after being installed.

Application Software vs. System Software: The Key Points

Now that you know the concept of each software, it’s time to know in detail the differences between both.


  • Computers necessarily need system software to work. System software allows you to control system components and manage resources such as hard drive space and RAM memory. In addition, they function as a platform for running application software.
  • Application software allows performing specific tasks such as writing, drawing, opening multimedia files and others.


  • System software is always the first one to be installed on the computer. Its correct installation and performance depends on the technical characteristics of the hardware.
  • On the other hand, application software is always installed after the system software. Its correct installation and performance depends on the characteristics of the existing operating system, the characteristics of the hardware and the available resources of the system.

Running of Hardware

  • Hardware devices necessarily require system software to work.
  • On the other hand, application software isn’t mandatory to run any type of hardware.

User Interaction

  • Users don’t interact with system software. It just works as a background platform.
  • On the other hand, users can interact with application software, through interactive commands, menus and buttons.


  • System software depends on the characteristics of the hardware to operate. However, it can run independently from any other software.
  • Application software depends on system software to work.

Time of Execution

  • System software starts running when the user turns on the computer and continues running until it’s turned off.
  • On the other hand, application software runs when the user needs it.


  • System software uses machine language code, such as C+ and C++.
  • Application software uses advance programming language, such as Visual Basic, Python, Java and others.


  • System software has full access to hardware components and system resources.
  • Application software has limited access to system resources.


  • To program system software, it’s necessary to know several programming languages, including the native assembly language of each hardware component.
  • To program application software, you only need to know any advanced programming language.

Why is it so difficult to differentiate both types of software?

Sometimes, it may be difficult to differentiate system software from application software. For example, currently, Windows is much more than an operating system. It also includes a wide variety of different applications such as:

  • Calendar
  • Web browser
  • Media player
  • Painting program
  • Instant messaging program

Although these applications aren’t exactly system software, they’re part of major system software. So, this fact could generate confusion when trying to differentiate system software vs application software.

The same goes for utility programs. Basically, these programs serve to enhance the user experience or perform system maintenance. For example, those programs used to burn DVD’s which include a long gallery of additional applications.

Those apps allow you to do things like:

  • Organize multimedia files
  • Edit photos and videos
  • Create playlists
  • Create slideshows
  • Transfer media files between devices
  • Add special effects to videos

In this case, the main program that contains the rest of the applications can be classified as a utility program. However, each of the secondary programs can also be classified as application software.

15 Disadvantages of Computers that Deserve Your Attention.


Since Charles Babbage’s (1791-1871) concept of a digital, programmable computer and his Analytical Engine, a humble precursor of the modern computer, the World has not been the same. This has had a defining impact on everyday life from supercomputers to the PC, the entire gamut having a greatly positive slant in the modern world. But along with this, there is the flip side. We intend to delve into the disadvantages of computers.

Disadvantages of Computers

Carpal Tunnel and Eye Strain

The carpal tunnel exists in the wrist and protects the median nerve and flexor tendons that run through it. It is lined by small wrist bones, the carpal bones. Repeated movement of fingers on the keyboard results in this syndrome which is accompanied by numbness and pain of the fingers. It occurs when the median nerve gets pinched. The treatment includes rest, splints, ice-packs, cortisone injections, and surgery.

Do use an ergonomic keyboard such as the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

Radiation from the monitor causes eye dryness. Some points to reduce eye fatigue

  • Keep the monitor clean from dust and dirt. The eyes benefit.
  • 20-30 inches is the ideal distance to position the monitor.
  • The height of the monitor should be just below eye level.
  • Use an anti-glare film on the monitor.
  • The room should be properly lit
  • Use large fonts that are easy to read
  • Use an LCD monitor in place of CRT
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Use good-quality mouse and keyboard

Too Much Sitting

Sitting down for long periods is rife with postural problems. Blood pools in the lower limbs, pins, and needles and other ailments do not bode well. Similarly, standing up operating your computer, maybe slightly better but you run the risk of varicose veins in the bargain. The best solution is to stretch, exercise and walkabout.

Short Attention Span and Too Much Multi-Tasking

The Internet and computers have bestowed one legacy, instant gratification. Everything is available on tap. This, in turn, is your fix and if what you seek is not readily available, you tend to get frustrated and irritable.

All computers perform multitasking. This does eat up into the computer resources but our concern is the human factor. With a reduced attention span, the chances of making errors rise dramatically, cognitive performance goes down and overall productivity nosedives.

Curb Learning Create Dependency

The computer is the invention number one of the 20th century. It is a very powerful tool for garnering information, completing mundane tasks, etc. all in a flash. And thereby it limits learning. As an example, when typing out, let’s say a letter, you do it blindly, typos and all. Then run a program called Grammarly which corrects the letter, spellings and punctuation included. In time, you forget your commas and semi-colons. This dependency is counterproductive.

Loss of Privacy

Your computer is a repository of your personal information. And there are eager eagles waiting on the fringes to lay their hands on that information. Identity theft is one of the scourges of the Internet and has spawned a horde of vultures whose main occupation is scamming you. Some tips to thwart these malicious people to foil interception when you are sending out confidential information on the Internet

  • Ensure data is encrypted
  • The lock icon on the address bar should be in the locked position
  • The site URL should be https://—indicating that all data is encrypted.
  • Use a safe password.
  • Where available, two-factor authentication should be enabled. This means that other than the password, there will be another method to prove your credentials.
  • Your software and operating system should be kept updated without fail.
  • E-mail attachments should not be opened right away. Attachments and hyperlinks are commonly used to plant viruses and malware.
  • Never reveal sensitive information via e-mail as it is not encrypted and can be read by an intercepting party.
  • If using wireless, employ a network using WEP, a form of secure protocol.
  • Use a secure browser. Internet Explorer was atrociously bad and unsafe. Chrome and Firefox are stable and good browsers.
  • Internet plug-ins are riddled with security vulnerabilities such as Adobe Flash. Keep all plug-ins updated.
  • Keep an eye open for shoulder engineering; people reading your browser over your shoulder while you are engrossed.
  • Install an anti-virus program. Equally suggested is Malwarebytes for latching onto malware and thwarting attempts to install them on your computer.

Time Sink and Other Distractions

This swings both ways. A computer is a brilliant machine but there is a trend that what you at first set out to search, leads you on converging paths. You are left wandering and reading about other things than what was your goal. A lot of time is spent or rather misspent.

Another deterrent is time consumed in following social networks.

Environmental Impact and Ballooning Waste

All waste generated from computers falls under the category of toxic waste. Strict regulations are in place regarding their disposal. Printer cartridges, batteries, monitors, computer-related parts like motherboards, etc. Information regarding organizations that are tasked with this kind of waste generation is readily available on the net.

Can Reduce Jobs

Computers have advanced far enough to take over and eliminate the need of a human operator. Quantum leaps and bounds have been made in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Bots enjoy special favor among employers as cutting labor costs is the outcome. Industries, where they are in use already, are assembly lines, phone operators, telemarketers, receptionists, cashiers, bank tellers (ATMs), etc. This is a fast burgeoning list.

Trolls, Abuse, Stalking, And Exploitation

There are these losers who take great pleasure in tormenting and abusing people under the cover of Internet anonymity. Stalking is a crime in many countries. The fault lies partly with people who put all their information on the net and other social groups without realizing that they are subject to misuse. Their one agenda is to exploit. Beware who you befriend on the Internet.

Depression and Being Anti-social

This is an oft-repeated occurrence, especially among the younger generations. Internet gaming is highly addictive and its adherents literally shun any other social activity including society or being a part of every day, normal social life. On line, peer-to-peer social networking sites are another disruptive influence in that participants live in them preferring this interaction to normal interaction. Online shopping or plain browsing shopping sites is another hook. All these closed-door activities alienate one and a tendency towards increasing anti-social behavior.

Virus and Hacking Attacks

Cybercrime has gained in leaps and bounds as people get more and more careless with their personal information. Hackers with the help of malicious tools such as Trojans, Key-loggers, Sniper, John the Ripper, Wireshark, etc. often search and find vulnerable computers. The beauty is there are a number of tutorials that teach you how to hack. Getting hold of your individual information is the goal.

Sexual Predators of The Internet

An internet predator entices his intended quarry, especially children. They track down their prey by monitoring email, social networking, chatrooms, exposing kids to online relationships. This rings bells when predators are involved. Kids who post revealing pictures, reveal past sexual wrongs and enter into online sex talk, are their prey. Parents have to be a lot proactive in knowing what their children are up to before they fall prey to online predators.

Less Human Interactions

An escalating obsession with online games, gambling, watching pornography, shopping and the other numerous online distractions have one outfall; the shunning of human company. This has debilitating psychological fallouts over time.

Information Theft

The efforts some people resort to getting hold of personal data is vast. The main intention here is to steal your identity, and with the gleaned information use it to open accounts, credit cards, etc. In the long run, siphoning off your funds is the goal.

Computers Cannot Make Their Own Decisions

A computer is not blessed with an IQ. Even the most advanced robot is short on this. The acronym GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) sums it all. The operator has to be focussed with his feeds. Give it the correct inputs and you will get bang on outputs. Error ridden inputs will yield the wrong outputs. A computer is handicapped in that it cannot differentiate true from false.

Having seen the negative effects that computer usage can bring about, there is no negating its powerful advantages for society, for students, and the huge bank of users. As is always the case, anything useful is exploited. So as a computer user, being safe, practicing safe operating standards is the only way to keep ahead in the game. Also never neglect taking care of the environment which we usually tend to.