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Google Will Deindex Pages If Site Is Down For Several Days


Google Will Deindex Pages If Site Is Down For Several Days: Google Search will start deindexing your pages if your website is down for more than 2-3 days.

This is explained by Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller while the Google Search Central SEO office-hours recorded on December 10.

Google Will Deindex Pages

Google Will Deindex Pages If Site Is Down For Several Days

On the off chance that a site’s pages become out of reach then it will just a brief time before they begin to get de-recorded, Mueller says.

Mueller proceeds to propose an elective technique for dealing with arranged vacation, however, it actually doesn’t ensure no damage will be done for the time being.

Google Will Deindex Pages If Site Is Down For Several Days

What a website owner should do during an extended outage?

One method for dealing with it, Mueller says, is to set up a static form of the site that clients can be coordinated to while the primary site is down.

On the off chance that conceivable, nonetheless, the best thing to do is ensure the blackout goes on for under a day.

You can hear the complete response from Mueller.


Is The Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage A Google Ranking Factor?


Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage: Does Google consider the number of images on a page in its search ranking algorithms? So here I will let you know what are the ranking factors related to images quantity on a webpage.

Adding many images into written content can help readers to get to know the content is what is related to and keep them engaged for a longer time and it may decrease bounce rate.

Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage

Quantity Of Images On Your Webpage

In return that can lead to more time on-site, they are visiting again and again that also increases the potential for more views per visit.

There are also SEO benefits related to images as well, like the ability to earn more traffic from Google.

But we know it’s possible to have too many better things when it is related to SEO.

Few keywords are great but too many keywords will be keyword stuffing. Using some data structure will be helpful but using it too much for your website can lead you to violations of Google Guidelines.

So the question is: Are there any SEO risks related to using too many images?

Here I will let you know about the claim of this question which is correct or not.

Claim: The Number Of Images On A Webpage Can Impact Rankings

The number of images in content is said to impact Google rankings in many ways.

Some claimed that using too many images can impact rankings in a false way. This is because images can impact page loading speed, and slower pages may not rank as well as faster ones.

Is this true or not? Below is the explanation about it.

Explanation: Does The Number Of Images On A Webpage Impact Rankings?

In some guides, the number of images on a page could negatively impact rankings.

But, this is not any rule, and there’s no exact information for determining how many images are “too many.”

The extent to which images impact Google search rankings depends on how long they take to load.

Adding a lot of images with large sizes can make a slower page loading speed, which may impact rankings with page speed being a ranking factor. That’s right, page speed is a confirmed ranking factor.

For more explanation, there is almost sure to be pages without images. You actually don’t need to add images to rank in search engines, for example, you can see Wikipedia that has many pages without having a single image but still, this site can get huge traffic and ranking without any issue.

You can simply use 4-6 images in 1000 words of content but that is also not sure, you don’t need images to rank but unique content and speed of webpages are required to rank well.

10 Digital Marketing Fundamentals That You Should Know


For becoming SEO Professional then you need a solid understanding of below top 10 Digital Marketing Fundamentals that you should know to lead in the marketing industry.

For SEO Professionals and marketing industry leaders trying to fund growth and recovery by doing more and revising your budget and available resources in 2022 is very essential.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Fundamentals

So, now you can explore 10 fundamental areas of digital marketing knowledge and opportunities you should need to know.

Understand Your Digital Presence

Without a doubt, you have a decent handle on your owned media. All things considered, these are the bits of content, postings and profiles, sites, and different resources you made yourself.

Understand Your Digital Presence

And you better know when or where your paid ads will be visible.

But while using paid ads, you should monitor your brand reach and audiences that are converting through the ads you are running.

The Fundamentals Of How Search Engines Work

Having knowledge of how search engines work will help you and your team not only optimize content but also understand how people search, learn, and read content, as well.

How Search Engines Work

Digital User Experience And Customer Journeys

Prevailing with regards to drawing in a crowd of people necessitates that you have a profound, significant comprehension of who those individuals are and what issues you address for them.

Digital User Experience

Google knows it, as well – its calculation refreshes are progressively centered around further developing the encounters individuals are having on the web and eliminating grating in every client’s excursion.

The Fundamentals Of Competitor Analysis

The craftsmanship and science of competitor analysis are developing; in the web-based space, contenders may not be who you think.

Indeed, you’re not kidding about “broadcast appointments” with different organizations that sell items and administrations like yours.

Fundamentals Of Competitor Analysis

However, today, organizations are contending with media distributions, informal communities and discussions, map pack professional references, video, and photograph resources, and more in progressively rich and various query items.

Content And Digital Marketing

Content is very important to marketing’s success that we are now seeing marketing agencies and brands acquire their own content agencies/writers.

Content And Digital Marketing

Online Advertising

When you do hard work for getting organic results then those are best and most valuable but there is also a place when you do pay advertisements too. The paid advertisement was always a better option to get audiences more than organic results but this thing may be costlier than un-paid marketing.

Online Advertising

There is no deficiency of choices for the paid side from show advertisements to SEM local promotions, web-based media advertisements, and that’s just the beginning.

Social Media

Social Media channels of any brand or business for getting found and engaging potential customers. Business features may vary platform but at least your brand should claim all the available business profiles or social media platforms including all the listings.

Social Media

If you are less active on some of the social media channels then you should use descriptive texts that point to connect on your more active channels.

The Fundamentals Of Analytics

Approaching constant (or as close to continuous as could really be expected) investigation is fundamental in our current reality where mechanical developments, monetary and financial elements, and more can change the business scene quickly.

Fundamentals Of Analytics

Activating Data As Business Intelligence

As customer touchpoints expand in volume and recurrence, showcasing pioneers are observing that disengaged point arrangements simply don’t cut it any longer.

Approaching graphic, analytic, prescient, and prescriptive investigation inside a solitary, easy-to-understand dashboard drives the kinds of experiences and advancements that really make a difference.

Business Intelligence

Client conduct, cutthroat investigation, the constant pursuit of bits of knowledge, and macroeconomic patterns all fuel business navigation.

Programmatic, Machine Learning, And Automation

Machine learning and AI are creating organic media more exciting and when we move beyond analytics and optimizations that actually having technology assist in personalizing content in real-time.

Programmatic, Machine Learning, And Automation

SEO Will be the Leader In Digital Transformation in 2022

There is a bridge between IT, sales, and marketing, SEO professionals are ready to lead their organizations through digital transformation in 2022.

When you focus on technical SEO, content optimizations, link building, or local SEO you should have a well understanding of all digital marketing channels and positions you to lead the industry.

Biden Welcomes New Puppy in the White House


The US President, Joe Biden, and the first lady Jill Biden announced on their social media accounts about the latest edition to their family in the White House, in a short video tweet that where the president of the united states can be heard greeting joyously to his four-legged friend “Hey Pal, How Are You Doing?” Biden shared a picture of his new furry friend, pictured in the White House lawns playing with the ball.

The Bidens are known for their love for dogs and already have a German shepherd named Major.

Major, who has been a long member of the Biden family, has recently been sent to a training program after a few incidents of biting among the White House staff.

The new Biden is named Commander and is a 3-month-old German shepherd too, and moved into the White House on Monday.

Commander was later spotted with the first lady Jill Biden in the corridors of the White House.

Commander will be the third German Shepherd to be living in the White House under Biden’s presidency, another German Shepherd owned by the President named Champ was laid down to the rest earlier this year.

It is not the first time that the White House will be a permanent home for dogs; previously in Barack Obama’s presidency, he and then-first lady Michelle Obama were parents to a Portuguese water dog, Bo, and before that the 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush had his pet dog Barney who graced the corridors of the White House.

Along with the video, President Biden also shared a picture of the Commander that has been captioned “Welcome To the White House, Commander”.

The commander that has been the name given to the new dog seems a fun play on President Biden’s status as the Commander of Armed forces of the United States.

However, it seems that the Bidens are not just a dog-loving family, in the past, the first lady of the United States had mentioned that the family may be adopting a cat in near future but there haven’t been any announcements for the same.

Whether the Biden family decides to get a dog or a cat for a new edition for their family in the future, for now, it is pretty clear that 3 months old Commander is up to a wonderful adventure and life with the first family of the country.

Biden to Announce Free At-Home COVID Test Kits


US President, Joe Biden is supposed to announce his plans to distribute free at-home rapid COVID-19 tests on Tuesday, on Tuesday, Biden is supposed to announce the purchase of half-billion rapid Covid-19 tests.
Officials have stated that the White House has plans to distribute 500 million rapid tests through mails to every American, the White House however is still making plans on how many tests one household will be able to request through an online website.
The plan is expected to get on board from the following month. The new scheme comes after the top administration and medical professionals have warned of an expected rapid spike of COVID cases due to the spread of the new evolved and dominant Omicron variant of the virus in the coming months.
In addition to the new rapid at-home test scheme the US administration has also announced plans to deploy one thousand military service personnel at the overburdened hospitals in case of a sudden and unprecedented increase in cases, these military service personnel will include doctors, nurses, and other military medical personnel.
Biden also stated that the vaccinated individual shouldn’t be worried about falling seriously ill and can continue their holiday preparations, he also pushed his request for getting vaccinated from those who haven’t received their shots yet.
There have been a fraction of people in America who have continuously denied getting vaccine shots, in fact following misinformation and mass hysteria, there has been an active movement against COVID 19 vaccines, Biden is also expected to address the anti-vaccine supporters and warn them of the consequences of not getting their shots.
In recent months the vaccine demand in the USA had declined significantly, but following an increase in cases due to the Delta variant of the virus earlier this year the demand for vaccines rose again.
Biden is also supposed to announce new sites for vaccination and plans to increase access to the vaccines, the vaccination centers have seen an increase in lines and the White House has plans to build more centers to get shots and the President is expected to announce the same on Tuesday.
Earlier this month the White House had denied the plan to send COVID test to every single American stating it to be economically not possible, in a conversation with the press the White House press secretary Jen Psaki, denied any such plans replying to a similar question.
The current plan doesn’t send out free tests to every single American household; rather the families can request such tests, they also don’t have to share the details of their test with public health agencies.

Adopt Me Rural Egg Update And Predictions, What To Expect


Adopt me is a role play pet simulation game that has been one of the most popular among gamers who are into the simulation and role-play genre of games. Adopt Me is developed by Uplift Games and is available on the online gaming platform Roblox.

Adopt Me: Background

First launched in 2017, for the online gaming platform, Roblox, in initial years game majorly focused players in simulation world where they could adopt and raise a child, for a long time game remained on the same theme but subsequent updates and editions saw the theme of game-changing from raising children to adopting virtual pets, the game now follows the players as they adopt and raise their pets and make them learn tricks and hobbies. The game is hugely popular and is played by more than 64 million people each month on the gaming platform.

Adopt Me: Gameplay

After 2019, Adopt Me saw the addition of Gumball Machine, players can use this money to collect a series of eggs, the first one being the Safari Egg. Over the years multiple eggs have followed the gameplay some of them are Jungle Egg, Farm Egg, Mystic Egg, Aussie Egg, Fossil Egg, and Ocean Egg.

Currently, the Adopt Me gameplay is using the Mystic Egg update that was introduced in 2021. Since most egg updates only last for five to six months, many fans and users are wondering what the new update might be? The following article makes predictions for the same, we will explore the possibilities of pets, eggs, and gameplay that may or may not be included in the newest update of the popular game.

Adopt Me: Rural Egg Update, Is it here already?

The most anticipated update that fans are buzzing about is the Rural Egg update for the game, it is expected that in their 2022 update the Adopt Me will most likely bring this addition to their game. That being said if the next Gumball Egg will indeed be Rural Egg it remains to be seen.

The developers have not made any official announcements about any updates so far, so all fans are left with speculations and rumors.

Following are some of the expected updates with the game in the upcoming update.

The Goat (Ultra Rare), Grass Snake (Rare), Skunk (Uncommon), Duckling (Legendary), Eagle (Ultra Rare), Lizard (Legendary), and Racoon (Rare).

Google Experiences Internal Issues During Indexing


Currently, Google experiencing some internal issues while indexing new links and having issues like server errors in many sites.


As of late Google Search Console conveyed various messages cautioning distributers of redirect. Anyway, on Monday the authority Google Search Central Twitter account refreshed the pursuit showcasing local area that the messages might have been sent because of an internal indexing error and that they were examining.

Search Central Community receives Google Search Console Emails

The pursuit local area saw a lot of errors for what is ordinarily a somewhat uncommon issue.

Redirect Error in GCS

A redirect error is something that publishers may not see in their Google Search Console. It’s related to technical SEO issue which is related to 301 and 302 redirects.

In general, when a publisher was making changes to their website or when any plugin update has gone wrong, then a redirect error you may see in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Started Fixing the Issue

Google Search Central Tweeted for the same:


What Caused The Issue?

Google doesn’t inform anything about why this issue occurred but they said only internal issues. In the search community, many publishers questioned why Google decreased new web page indexing from the past. We still don’t have the answer to why Google decreased indexing new web pages faster.

iZUP : Manage Your Text Messages And Phone Calls While Driving


Illume Software sets the power of pervasive location technology to function in critical situations. It builds up solutions that influence location to power high-value apps and services. The first product of Illume Software, iZUP, puts forward a responsible solution to cell phone-related unfocused driving.

iZUP exploits the power of GPS, the popularity of cellular networks, and the new stress on intelligent solutions to real-world harms. iZup program obstructs avoidable cell phone use while driving and also blocks facility to text while driving. It helps drivers stay attentive by holding text messages, calls and e-mails while driving.

For guardians of teen drivers, businesses and anyone anxious about the dangers of texting or conversation while driving, iZUP offers an elegant, simple solution. The application makes use of GPS technology to detect the speed of a car. If the car is traveling at a speed greater than 5 mph, the software application throws incoming calls directly to voice mail and keeps text messages.

It also restricts outgoing text messages and calls, excepting 911 calls. Account holders can customize the software to let calls or from specific numbers, such as a parent’s phone. It is teenager-tamper-proof. If it is effectively uninstalled, the account holder will instantly receive an e-mail alert. It is not just for teens, it is already set to cities like Boston and firms that might want their employees to have mobile phones but not use them while driving.

For the time being, the application is available just for Blackberry devices and handsets that run on Android operating software and Windows Mobile. It would be hard for one to adjust to it in the beginning, but it is really worth the attempt to try and hold back yourself from calling while on the drive. The downloadable software is available at a cost starting at $5 a month or $50 a year to use.