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Google Considers Reducing Website Page Crawl Rate


Google Considers Reducing Website Page Crawl Rate: Google is now considering reducing the frequency of website page/posts crawling to conserve computing resources.

Google Considers Reducing Website Page Crawl Rate

Google may have been started reducing the frequency of crawling website pages and posts as its growing more conscious of sustainability about crawling and indexing.

In the latest episode of the search off the record, they discussed what actually you can expect from Google in 2022 and beyond.

Among the other topics, they addressed crawling & indexing, which SEO Professionals said they have seen lesser than in past years.

That’s now can be a key focus for Google this year as they aim to make crawling more sustainable by this to conserve computing resources.

Matter of Sustainability Of Crawling & Indexing

Still Googlebot crawl and index pages virtually and it’s not something you can think that has an impact on the environment. Such crawling pages that are not updated recently then it may lead to unnecessary web crawling.

How Will Google Make Crawling More Sustainable?

There are two types of Googlebot crawling: Crawling to discover new content and crawling to get that are already indexed that are recently updated.

Google is now considering scale crawl to refresh the existing content.

A website like Search Engine Journal is updating its homepage continually with new content, so it deserves a lot of refresh crawls.

What Does A Reduction In Crawl Rate Affect Your Website?

There’s a conviction out there that a high creep rate is a positive SEO signal, regardless of whether you’re not refreshing your substance as regularly as Google is slithering it.

Once more, it’s not affirmed that Google will decrease refresh crawls, yet it’s a thought the group is effectively considering.

In the event that Google totally finishes this thought, it will not be something terrible for your site. More crawling doesn’t mean better rankings.

In addition, the thought is to realize which pages need refresh crawls and which pages don’t. That implies the pages you change all the more regularly will keep on being invigorated and refreshed in search results.

King III, Implores the Senate for Action on Voting Rights on MLK Day


Martin Luther King III, who is the eldest son of the late Martin Luther King, Jr condemned the federal government for its inaction, Mr. King’s disappointment came just a day before the U.S Senate is expected to take up significant legislation on voting rights cases, which so far seems like a lost cause.
Martin Luther King III, who was in Washington D.C on Monday said that although he will be marking the federal holiday named after his father, he maintained that he was not there to celebrate. He called on Congress and the President to pass the sweeping legislation.
Monday marked the 93rd birth anniversary of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. Mr. King was a pioneer of the equal rights movement in the United States and was assassinated in 1968 at the age of 39 in Memphis, Tennessee when he was helping sanitation workers strike for better pay and safety measures at the workplace.
On Monday the United States celebrated the 93rd birth anniversary of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. Around the country holiday events were held, like marches, and services.
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris paid their respects and shared their remarks on King’s birth anniversary virtually through online streams including other political leaders of the United States.
Americans must commit to the King’s unfinished work, Joe Biden said.

Democrat leaders were hoping to vote on the proposed legislation on Monday, which would have marked the same day as the King’s birthday, a show of respect for the late civil rights leader as the issue gathered political debate late last year and peaked with a powerful speech last week by Biden, who likened Capitol Hill violence and election subversion with the civil rights movement fought by King and other civil right leaders. But, many leaders were disappointed and it came too late for them.
Republican representatives in the Senate remained firm in opposition to the Democrats’ voting bills, and the 50-50 chamber needed 60 votes to pass the legislation. Two Democratic representatives remained opposed to changing Senate rules that would have allowed for the Democratic Party to pass the bills without the support of the GOP. The vote was then pushed back to Tuesday, but it looks as if there is no way through for the legislation to protect the right to vote.
King recalled how his father during his attempts to reform civil rights also faced pushback on civil rights by those who believed the issue could not be solved with legislation.
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who is a Democratic senator from Arizona had argued that bipartisanship is needed to address the current bills, but King countered her remarks that many significant milestones, including the 14th Amendment that granted citizenship to former slaves, were passed in the Congress without bipartisan support.
Martin Luther King, Jr who delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech when he was leading the 1963 March on Washington. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, which considered racial equality inseparable from alleviating poverty and stopping war.

Google’s Notice to Hosting Companies not to serve 200 status codes


Google’s Notice to Hosting Companies: Google’s John Mueller posted one tweet this morning asking hosting companies to not use a 200 status code. John also said not to add noindex on that page. If you still do these things then the pages serve this thing can be dropped out of the Google Search results and index as well.

Google's Notice to Hosting Companies

Remove the noindex and serve a 5xx status code that can help Googlebot in dealing with robot detection.

Below are the tweets are done by John Muller:


Keep tuned! We will be back with another SEO news. Learn More about deindexing by Google.

Biden’s Vaccine or Test Mandate Blocked by the Supreme Court


The Biden administration received a major setback in their effort to control the current pandemic on Thursday when the Supreme Court issued a stay of the OSHA vaccine or test making mandatory for private businesses with more than 100 employees.
In a vote that was split as 6-3, the court in its reasoning said that the agency exceeded its authority to regulate workplace safety.
The judges also voted 5-4 to allow the United States administration to require vaccination of healthcare workers at facilities that treat Medicare and Medicaid patients, subject to religious and medical exemptions.
Many business groups and groups of Republican-headed states that had continuously challenged the Biden vaccine rules praised the rulings.
All of the conservative representatives of the court agreed that Congress should have been more specific and clear if it had intended to give an agency such vast power to make vaccination compulsory on more than 80 million people.
In dissent, three judges of the Supreme Court argued that extraordinary times may require extraordinary measures and that Congress gave the agency sufficient charges to respond to such emergencies.
In the proceeding in which parties had nearly four hours of oral arguments last Friday in two highly expedited cases, all the judges seemed to fully understand the gravity of the moment for American public health; but many judges voiced fundamental disagreements with the federal government’s authority to impose vaccine mandates nationwide.
One of the rules by OSHA that takes effect on Monday required private businesses with 100 or more employees to make sure that they are vaccinated or subject the unvaccinated to a compulsory mask and COVID testing policy, at the expense of the company.
The Department of Health and Human Services had previously separately ordered all healthcare facilities providing treatment with federal funding to ensure vaccinations for all workers and staff, with exemptions allowed for religious or health reasons. The policy is in effect in almost half the country after a federal appeals court halted it in some areas.
Both OSHA and the Department’s policies would cover roughly a hundred million Americans.
The majority of judges also singled out that most hospitals and health systems don’t have problems with the rules, in fact, these facilities normally require employees to be vaccinated for hepatitis B, influenza, measles, mumps, and rubella.
Reacting to the court’s decision, President Biden called the ruling in the OSHA case disappointing, but he also said that the vaccination upholding for healthcare workers will save lives.
In the United States, at least Twenty-two states already mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for health care workers; however, at least, six states explicitly ban them. No state has issued a similar requirement for private businesses.
Many of the private businesses have voluntarily imposed their own vaccine requirements for employees. Those policies will remain unaffected by the court’s current ruling.

Hundreds of Migrants from Honduras Stopped in Guatemala


Hundreds of Honduran migrants, who had left their home city of San Pedro Sula on Saturday to reach the United States entered the borders of Guatemala, in Guatemala they were stopped by the authorities and now these migrants are being returned to their home country.
Earlier, in the afternoon of Saturday about 300 migrants majority of whom belonged to Honduras and Nicaragua, arrived in the city of Corinto in Honduras, this group then crossed into the borders of Guatemala in the province of Izabal, in Izabel the group was stopped by the Guatemalan police and army.
The Guatemalan migration authorities informed that they were in talks with the migrants about their return to their home countries. The institute also informed that those migrants who wish to remain in Guatemala have to provide their personal identification documents, vaccination proof, and a negative test for the coronavirus.
The director of the Guatemalan Migration Institute, Carlos Emilio Morales said that people are being returned humanely, and everything was in order.
The government of Guatemala informed that at least 36 migrants were deported back to Honduras since they were not able to present the required documents, and 10 people were allowed to remain in the country after they could meet the same requirements.
Fabricio Ordoñez, and Ubaldo López, who are young Honduran and Nicaraguan marchers and were part of the group, expressed hope that the border officials will let them pass through Guatemala and Mexico.
They said that they hope that the governments of Guatemala and Mexico will allow the group to pass the borders and that the United States government will open their borders for them.
The United States and other Central American countries have repeatedly halted such groups in recent years.
Large numbers of migrants, most of them belonging from Central America and Haiti, have reached the U.S. border over the past year, which has created a challenge for the United States government and administration of Joe Biden.
Between September 2020 and September 2021, the United States Border Control had reported over 1.6 million encounters with the migrants along the Mexican border. The numbers saw an increase of four times from the previous fiscal year
President Biden has supported a proposal for $7 billion US dollars in aid to Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in hopes that improved economic conditions in these countries will slow migration.
Last year the United States government relaunched an immigration policy, the policy provides asylum seekers to wait in Mexico until the time of their hearing. The Foreign Ministry of Mexico also informed and confirmed the policy changes of the United States and confirmed that they will not be sending migrants back to their origin countries for humanitarian reasons

Thousands of Inmates to be Released from Federal Prisons Under 2018 Law


The Justice Department will be proceeding with the transferring of thousands of inmates out of prisons under the federal government, this week as part of a criminal justice system reform signed by former President Donald Trump over three years ago.
The Justice Department published a new rule on Thursday, explaining the working of “time credit” for inmates in federal prisons. The new law will encourage inmates to more actively participate in programs aimed at reducing recidivism, which in turn can help them get out of prison earlier. The new law also eases mandatory minimum sentences and provides judges more discretion in sentencing.
The proceedings of transfers are most likely to begin this week however, it isn’t clear how many inmates will be released. The department has only informed that thousands of inmates would be getting affected
The announcement of a rule being published comes two months after the Justice Department’s inspector general raised concerns that the Bureau of Prisons did not apply the earned time credits to about 60,000 inmates who had completed the programs. The Director of the prison agency also announced his resignation from his post following criticism over his leadership.
The new administration under the leadership of Joe Biden has faced pressure from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers to do more to put in place additional aspects of the First Step Act.

For the past many years the Prison Bureau has had problems with the staffing shortage, which has caused other employees to provide the services of the guards for the inmates. Employees have argued for a long time that this process slows action on the First Step Act because they have less time to do their original jobs.
The Justice Department informs the number of programs has been increased and in case inmates are not able to participate for reasons beyond their control they won’t be punished. The department has also been working to try to increase bureau staffing.
The inmates that will be released will be joining a supervised release program, released to home confinement, or transferred into the bureau’s residential reentry centers, also known as halfway houses. The new law also provides the inmates to earn time credits back to 2018 when the First Step Act was enacted.
The Justice Department informed that the implementation of the new rule will begin from this week with those inmates whose time credits exceed the days remaining on their sentence, is less than a year from the time of release, and also have a term of supervised release. Transfers for many inmates are currently happening and more transfers are expected in the following weeks as officials will be applying the time credits to inmate records.

President Biden to Head to Capitol Hill to Make Case on Voting Rights


President Joe Biden will be traveling to Capitol Hill on Thursday as he is expected to continue to push for passage of voting legislation in Congress, despite the challenging battle his party faces amid Republican opposition and resistance within their own ranks to changing Senate rules.
The President of the United States is expected to attend the Senate Democratic caucus lunch later today to discuss the effort to pass voting bills and other potential changes to Senate rules, a senior Democratic source informed the press.
The White House press secretary Jen Psaki also confirmed that the President will be attending the Democratic Senate lunch, also informing that he will go to make the case directly to members for the new voting legislation.
President Joe Biden’s planned trip to Capitol Hill comes after the President called on the Senate in a forceful speech earlier this week to change its filibuster rules in order to pass voting legislation. The challenge for Mr. Biden’s Democratic party is that they don’t have the votes to pass voting legislation under current Senate rules due to Republican opposition and the Democrats also do not appear to have the votes to change the rules. Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, two influential moderates, have already expressed opposition in eliminating the 60-vote threshold required to pass most legislation.
Even after such serious hurdles, Democrats are gearing up to implement a plan where the House will first pass voting legislation and then send it to the Senate. Mr. Joe Biden’s party, that is the Democratic party would then need 60 votes to break a filibuster to move to final passage, setting the stage for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, to finalize and force the vote to change the rules.
The Democratic Party, obviously is under intense pressure from grassroots activists and their voters to pass legislation to safeguard voting access but has continually seen disappointment in the Senate, where at least 10 Republicans would need to join with all 50 members of the Senate Democratic caucus to pass voting legislation in order to overcome a filibuster. Most members of the Senate belonging to the Republican Party have dismissed and declined the attempts by Democrats to pass voting bills as reckless partisan overreach.
President Joe Biden’s decision to make a high-profile push on voting rights has been seen as a major pillar of his and his party’s domestic agenda has stalled out, raising questions and doubts over what Democrats in the Senate will be able to accomplish now, while they still maintain the White House and close majorities in both chambers of Congress.
Last year, Manchin had said he could not support the sweeping social safety net expansion also known as the Build Back Better Act. It is still not if members of the Democratic Party will be able to mitigate any of the legislation in the aftermath of that setback.

Saturday Night Live to Pay Tribute to Betty White


Saturday Night Live or simply SNL is all set to pay tribute to legendary actress Betty White by re-airing her 2010 SNL special. Betty White who passed away on Thursday 31st, 2021, had hosted the popular comedy program back in 2010. NBC SNL’s Twitter handles posted the announcement mourning the passing of the legendary actress.
Betty White was one of the Hollywood icons and is often considered a legend in American television history.
Betty White died on 31st December 2021, in her sleep just weeks before her 100th birthday, she was to celebrate her centenarian birthday on January 17, 2022.
Betty White started her career in the 1940s as a radio jockey, she turned to television in the 1950s and participated in various American Game Shows as a panelist in the 1960s, she was fondly called ‘The First Lady of Game Shows’ and in 1983 became the first woman to win a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host for her gig in NBC game show Just Men. In the 1970s and 80s, she starred in many daytime sitcoms, including some of her most memorable performances in shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the fourth installment of The Betty White Show, The Mama’s Family, and The Golden Girls.
The Golden Girls became a global hit and was on the air from 1987 to 1992, White played the character of Rose Nylund, which made her a household name in the United States. Betty White won a Daytime Emmy Award for the first season of the Golden Girls for Outstanding Performance as an Actress in a Comedy Series or Sitcom, she was also nominated in the same category every year until the show ended in 1992.
Her extensive success in television got her the title of ‘The First Lady of the Television’, Betty White continued to work in television following the 80s and 90s she also guests starred in many sitcoms and talk shows.
Meanwhile, White also published a book entitled ‘Betty White: In Person’ in 1987, she would later publish more books like ‘Here We Go Again: My Life in Television’ in 1995, ‘If You Ask Me’ and ‘Betty and Friends My Life at a Zoo’ both in 2011.
In 2010, Betty White garnered a whole new generation of fans as she first appeared as the host of Saturday Night Live and later starred in the popular sitcom ‘Hot in Cleveland’ as Elka Ostrovsky, the show would run for 6 more seasons and got Betty a nomination for Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series or Sitcom.
Many Hollywood Stars expressed their condolences and paid their respect to one of the most beloved T.V stars of all time.
Stars like Ryan Rolands, Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock, Lucie Arnaz, Paul Feig, Ariana DeBose, Kat Dennings were among the stars who used social media platforms to pay their respect to the beloved star. The US President Joe Biden also took to Twitter and called Betty White a “Cultural Icon”, the speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also took to Twitter and called White a “Pioneering Actress”.