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Biden’s Vaccine or Test Mandate Blocked by the Supreme Court

The Biden administration received a major setback in their effort to control the current pandemic on Thursday when the Supreme Court issued a stay of the OSHA vaccine or test making mandatory for private businesses with more than 100 employees.
In a vote that was split as 6-3, the court in its reasoning said that the agency exceeded its authority to regulate workplace safety.
The judges also voted 5-4 to allow the United States administration to require vaccination of healthcare workers at facilities that treat Medicare and Medicaid patients, subject to religious and medical exemptions.
Many business groups and groups of Republican-headed states that had continuously challenged the Biden vaccine rules praised the rulings.
All of the conservative representatives of the court agreed that Congress should have been more specific and clear if it had intended to give an agency such vast power to make vaccination compulsory on more than 80 million people.
In dissent, three judges of the Supreme Court argued that extraordinary times may require extraordinary measures and that Congress gave the agency sufficient charges to respond to such emergencies.
In the proceeding in which parties had nearly four hours of oral arguments last Friday in two highly expedited cases, all the judges seemed to fully understand the gravity of the moment for American public health; but many judges voiced fundamental disagreements with the federal government’s authority to impose vaccine mandates nationwide.
One of the rules by OSHA that takes effect on Monday required private businesses with 100 or more employees to make sure that they are vaccinated or subject the unvaccinated to a compulsory mask and COVID testing policy, at the expense of the company.
The Department of Health and Human Services had previously separately ordered all healthcare facilities providing treatment with federal funding to ensure vaccinations for all workers and staff, with exemptions allowed for religious or health reasons. The policy is in effect in almost half the country after a federal appeals court halted it in some areas.
Both OSHA and the Department’s policies would cover roughly a hundred million Americans.
The majority of judges also singled out that most hospitals and health systems don’t have problems with the rules, in fact, these facilities normally require employees to be vaccinated for hepatitis B, influenza, measles, mumps, and rubella.
Reacting to the court’s decision, President Biden called the ruling in the OSHA case disappointing, but he also said that the vaccination upholding for healthcare workers will save lives.
In the United States, at least Twenty-two states already mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for health care workers; however, at least, six states explicitly ban them. No state has issued a similar requirement for private businesses.
Many of the private businesses have voluntarily imposed their own vaccine requirements for employees. Those policies will remain unaffected by the court’s current ruling.



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