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Biden to Announce Free At-Home COVID Test Kits

US President, Joe Biden is supposed to announce his plans to distribute free at-home rapid COVID-19 tests on Tuesday, on Tuesday, Biden is supposed to announce the purchase of half-billion rapid Covid-19 tests.
Officials have stated that the White House has plans to distribute 500 million rapid tests through mails to every American, the White House however is still making plans on how many tests one household will be able to request through an online website.
The plan is expected to get on board from the following month. The new scheme comes after the top administration and medical professionals have warned of an expected rapid spike of COVID cases due to the spread of the new evolved and dominant Omicron variant of the virus in the coming months.
In addition to the new rapid at-home test scheme the US administration has also announced plans to deploy one thousand military service personnel at the overburdened hospitals in case of a sudden and unprecedented increase in cases, these military service personnel will include doctors, nurses, and other military medical personnel.
Biden also stated that the vaccinated individual shouldn’t be worried about falling seriously ill and can continue their holiday preparations, he also pushed his request for getting vaccinated from those who haven’t received their shots yet.
There have been a fraction of people in America who have continuously denied getting vaccine shots, in fact following misinformation and mass hysteria, there has been an active movement against COVID 19 vaccines, Biden is also expected to address the anti-vaccine supporters and warn them of the consequences of not getting their shots.
In recent months the vaccine demand in the USA had declined significantly, but following an increase in cases due to the Delta variant of the virus earlier this year the demand for vaccines rose again.
Biden is also supposed to announce new sites for vaccination and plans to increase access to the vaccines, the vaccination centers have seen an increase in lines and the White House has plans to build more centers to get shots and the President is expected to announce the same on Tuesday.
Earlier this month the White House had denied the plan to send COVID test to every single American stating it to be economically not possible, in a conversation with the press the White House press secretary Jen Psaki, denied any such plans replying to a similar question.
The current plan doesn’t send out free tests to every single American household; rather the families can request such tests, they also don’t have to share the details of their test with public health agencies.



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