Australia Population, Life Expectancy, Median Age [Updated]

This topic contains population details of Australia. You are in the right place if you are looking for the correct population data of Australia.

The population data of Australia includes the total population of Australia regardless of sex and age as of 1st July of the mentioned year. Thie given population data of Australia is as per the United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division estimation. Therefore, you can rely on the information given here on Australia.

Australia Population and Growth Rate

Go through the details of Australia population which is garnered on this single page. We have discussed the current population of Australia, population density, total urban population, and many more things which you can’t miss out on. For better understanding, we have included the past year’s population of Australia and the forecast population of Australia as well. As you scroll down the below, you will find some FAQs based on Australia which have covered almost all the things.

There is Australia demographics that will tell you life expectancy, infant mortality, and deaths of infants in Australia. The information about Australia population is kept updated according to the United Nations Population Division data.

Population of Australia

Here, we’ll check the current population and the population in previous years in Australia. 

  • According to the latest data from United Nations, 26,292,523 is the current population of Australia in 2022.
  • The population of Australia in the year 2020:  25,499,884.
  • The population of Australia in the year 2019: 25,203,198.

Population Forecast for Australia-

Here, we’ll see the population forecast of Australia for the next three years to give you an idea about the growth in this region. Find it below –

  • For the year 2020, the Australia population will be 25,499,884
  • For the year 2025, the Australia population will be 26,879,753
  • For the year 2030, the Australia population will be 28,177,481


Below are some FAQs which will help you gain more knowledge about Australia, you can check the infant mortality rate, median age, the rank of Australia, percentage of the urban population, life expectancy rate, and many more things. Scroll down to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the percentage of Australia population to the total world population?

Ans. Australia population is 0.33% of total world population.

Q. What is the rank of Australia in the list of countries by population?

Ans. Australia is at 55 in the list of countries by population.

Q. What percentage of Australia is urban?

Ans. In Australia, 85.9 % of the population is urban.

Q. What is the Median age in Australia?

Ans. 37.9 years is the median age in Australia.

Q. What is the life expectancy in Australia?

Ans. The life expectancy in Australia is 83.94 years.

Q.What is the infant mortality rate in Australia?

Ans. The infant mortality rate in Australia is 2.7.

Q. What is the death rate of children under age 5 in Australia?

Ans. The death rate of children under age 5 in Australia is 3.2.

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