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Aperion Home Audio Link: Listen to Music Wirelessly

Aperion Audio introduced the Aperion Home Audio Link (HAL) which wirelessly transmits audio that is not compressed from any source and provides support for multi-room listening as well. Aperion Audio is a consumer direct manufacturer of award-winning home theater speaker systems.

Aperion’s Home Audio Link (HAL) is a wireless adapter capable of streaming any audio format wirelessly from an iPod, computer, MP3 music player or mobile device to a range of audio systems. It transmits uncompressed digital audio for about 100 feet in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. More HAL Receiver units can be added to it which can then distribute the music to up to three rooms.

HAL is easy to use and utilizes a strong wireless link. It delivers high quality sound at a reasonable price. The HAL presents all music lovers with great sound wherever they want to. It gives the users an option to set the music free and enable it to be heard on the finest audio system available, for instance, a home theater speaker system.

It can also be employed to wirelessly attach a powered subwoofer. If you want to hear music from a laptop computer, for instance, the user just has to plug the ‘HAL sender unit‘ into the USB port of the computer. After that, connect the ‘HAL receive unit‘ into an AV receiver. This then plugs in the power adapter and the system links without the need that you do anything mechanically.

HAL does not necessitate a software installation or Wi-Fi network, in contrast to many other wireless products on the market. The Package consists of a HAL Send unit and HAL Receive unit, 2 stereo mini to RCA cables, 2 USB power adapters, one stereo mini cable and two pairs of adhesive Velcro strips.

The Aperion HAL system is costs $149 for a one sender – one receiver system. Customers can purchase additional HAL receiver units at a cost of $70 each to have fun with distributed music everywhere at home.



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